How to Stealth Train in a Corset with Miss Audrey Monroe

How to Stealth Train in a Corset with Miss Audrey Monroe

Video Transcription

Hey everyone, I’m Miss Audrey Monroe. Welcome back to my Vintage Glamour Channel. I hope that you guys are having a fantastic day. I have currently been in a corsetry series. As you may have noticed, if you aren’t new here and you’ve been following me for a while, I’ve already put out three different videos talking about the brand that I use and going through two reviews.

As promised on Monday, I was going to be talking about stealth training today. So, if you have not subscribed and you’d like to see more videos from this series and all the other fun vintage things that I put on this channel, then please subscribe and hit the bell notifier so that you’re never left out and you always know when I post something new. And if you’d like to see and learn a little bit more of how you can stealth train, what stealth training means, and the corsets that can help you do that, then please come hang out with me.


So, you may be wondering, what is stealth training? I don’t understand this terminology. I’m new to corsetry or maybe you’ve been wearing corsetry for a while but still the word stealth training is a little bit foreign.

So, stealth training has kind of become a trend word for people who wear corsetry under their clothes and are reducing inches off their waist by wearing corsets and really want to hone on that bombshell silhouette.

So, today I am doing what is called, Stealth Training because I’m sitting here in front of you with a corset on underneath my outfit. Now, stealth training is a way for women or men to wear corsetry in public but not have it be seen by the public. I have a follower on Instagram ask me specifically on how to do this and also reduce the tummy pouch that can sometimes happen when you bring in your waistline. I mean, things have to go somewhere.

I did talk about this in my Jolie Corset review. And the Jolie Corset, which I have right here with me, is a corset that comes in versions for both short and long torsos. If you want to learn a little bit more about that, please check out my very first video in this series where it talks about Glamorous Corsets and why knowing what length your corset is happens to be very important in the success of wearing a corset and stealth training.

So, this is a new color that Glamorous Corsets just released. It is the color beige. Now this corset also comes in black. So, those of you that are worried about a little bit of a pooch, the Jolie Corset V’s down lower, below you know the midsection, and pads out the hips just a little bit on the sides. You can see a full review also on this particular corset in the rest of this series. I really like if you are worry about a tummy pooch because this is going to conceal some of it and help hold you in in that area so that you’re not self-conscious.

However, this corset is not the best to stealth train under pants and shorts. And the reason for that is this area that V’s down, will stick out because shorts and pants tend to be more fitted in the mid-drift area.

So, the point of this entire video is to share with you corsets that I have found help me to stealth train without any issue or unsightly lines under my clothes. So, the corset that I’m wearing underneath this outfit and I’m going to stand up so that you can see is the Bella Corset. It is the one that I just released a review on. The review is the video I launched on Monday. It talks a little bit more about this corset and why I find it very important to wear underneath my pants or my shorts.

Really when you are stealth training you are trying to not necessarily hide your pooch, in some cases, you might. But most of the time, you don’t want that line from a corset. So, stealth training is all about sneakily wearing a corset and I’m going to be sharing with you my two favorites. I would say, for me and my body shape personally, the Bella Corset is my favorite. It also comes in this mesh, which is perfect for hot, humid days when you don’t want all that cotton on your body. I really like this one because it does bring in my silhouette, but very rarely is it detectable underneath my form fitted garments. Because, and here’s the reason for that, there is less steel boning in the mesh versions than there are in the solid cotton, satin, velvet versions of corsetry.

Because there is going to be less boning in them, and when I’m talking about boning, I’m talking about steel boning, there is not a whole lot of lines that are created. It’s kind of like if you were to wear spanks. There is no boning in spanks. It’s just very firm material that’s kind of helping smooth out your lumps and bumps.

Now don’t get spanks confused with corsetry. Spanks are not going to help you waist train. Steel bone corsets are the only thing that really help train your waist and reduce inches off your waistline permanently. Now that is going to differ for each person but that’s why so many people are doing stealth training because they want to wear their corsets and also reduce inches off their waistline. It is kind of like a form of body modification where you are bringing in your waist but everything else is kind of staying the same size. So, it’s really giving you that bombshell silhouette and maintaining that bombshell silhouette even when you’re not wearing a corset.

I love wearing corsetry for multiple reasons. Yes, I’m getting that hourglass shape underneath all my vintage clothing which is part of that entire look. But it also takes weight off of my back. And it helps me with my posture, it helps me to sit up better, and that’s also going to make me overtime learn how to correct my posture so I’m sitting up straight even if I don’t have a corset on.

So, part of this video today, I’m going to be sharing several different outfits wearing corsetry and some tips to success. If you want to wear more fitted garments with corsetry, and again you don’t want those unsightly lines. So, you can already see in this outfit here, I have on a looser top. I have on very fitted shorts. They come up relatively high. These are kind of cummerbund shorts. Most high waisted shorts don’t even come up this high. Because my belly button is down here. But these are from Collective. I love them. I do have a blog post about them if you’re interested in learning more. Again, you can’t see any of the lines. Things are just nice and smooth in this area. And you can’t see any of the lines in the back.

If I were to wear a pencil skirt with this outfit, it would be the same thing. Now, what happens though if you wear a different corset and that’s what I want to show you guys, right now.

So, through the magic of cinema, we’re going to be doing some outfit changes.

So, the first outfit that I’m changing into is what I call a wiggle dress. It is a beautiful red dress that has a lot of rouging all over. And this is a great fitted dress to wear if you are worried about a pooch or you are worried about unsightly lines from a corset. The reason for that is the rouging helps to disguise your corset and if you are corset is laced very tightly and you have a little bit of pooch, it also helps to disguise that. So, I found that for this particular dress, what I loved wearing the most was my Bella Corset. It is a way to bring in the waistline to emphasize [skips 08:41]

So, the second outfit that I have to share with all of you tonight is a pair of 1940’s trousers with a blouse. Now, 40s trousers are usually fitted around the waist and then they flow throughout the hip to the calf. I am wearing the Emma Corset with my pair of trousers which gives me a lot of stability through my core up to underneath my bust.

But the very bottom of the corset does not stick out or poke out with these trousers making it a perfect stealth training corset. Now, of course, I’m wearing a bit of a see through top so that you all can see the corset slightly. This is a way to wear a corset and not be so stealthy.

So, there you have it. Two different outfits that show you how to stealth train. One under a fitted dress, the other under a pair of trousers. Now, if you want to see a very form fitted pair of cigarette pants you can look at the video that I released on Monday which is the Bella Corset review.  I will link that at the end of the video so that you can tap on it right a way.

If you have more flowing garments, you don’t necessarily have to worry about if your corset is going to show a line. Because if you’re wearing a skirt that is like a full circle skirt and it’s flowing away from the body, there is nothing to grab at the corset. So, none of those lines are going to be visible. The same with pants. If you are wearing really loose, baggy pants, maybe vintage style is not your thing and you just want to wear a pair of jeans. I have found that most of my corsetry can be worn under jeans and be completely in stealth mode. I don’t have to necessarily worry because the denim is such a thick fabric that it doesn’t show a line.

The clothing that you are going to be most concerned about is really thin polyester stretchy, kind of like that fabric that clings but also gives. That is the fabric that is going to show lines. So, if you are stealth training one day and you are wearing really clingy fabric. And maybe that fabric isn’t a well-made fabric, kind of like a cheap polyester. It’s not a form of cotton that is blended with a spandex, you might see it regardless of what corsetry you have underneath.

There are a couple outfits that I have that I don’t wear corsetry under just because either those clothes are so fitted to my body that the extra fabric from a corset isn’t going to fit well underneath of them, or that clingy fabric that just does not work well with corsetry underneath of it.

I really hope that this video helped to explain a little bit more about what stealth training is and possibly share some tips for your success in stealth training with your corsets. I love Glamorous Corsets. They are along for the ride in your waist training journey. Every corset that you purchase from them comes in this beautiful, cute valor bag. It does have their logo on it and a book of instructions for you to learn how to properly tight lace yourself, by yourself. Because we don’t always have a helper around when we try to shimmy in to these constrictive garments. Although we love them, they are kind of constrictive.

If you’d like to follow along on my waist training journey, you can see a special dedicated highlights tab and a lot of things that I post on my Instagram channel. All of my handles will be in the description box. I also started a TikTok video. So, I share very quick one minute, thirty second, fifteen second videos that shares tips and techniques but are also fun and kind of cheeky. So, if you want to head over to TikTok and let me know what you think about my videos, I would love that.

Please subscribe if you haven’t already, hit the bell notifier so that you’re never left out. I post new videos on Friday at eight o’clock. Next week I’m going to be sharing with you on how to wear your corsets on the outside of your clothes. Maybe you don’t want to stealth train. Maybe you want the world to see your beautiful corsetry because there are some exquisite corsets out there. And Glamorous Corset has one that I absolutely love. So, please tune in next week to make sure that you see that.

If you have any questions about anything that I discussed today or you need some help, please let me know in the comments section. I love communicating with you guys that way. I hope that you all are staying safe and healthy during this time as the world is starting to regain its strength and come back from this pandemic. And remember to stay as judgment free as possible because every state in the U.S. is doing something different. And every place in the world is doing something different.

So, stay kind of glamorous to everybody that you meet. And I will see you next week my darlings. Bye.

So, before I end this video, I wanted to do something really fun. I’m going to be answering some of the questions that you asked me on Instagram. If you want to be part of my next questionnaire, make sure you say hi and follow me on Instagram @MissAudreyMonroe. But I had asked a bunch of you to ask me questions particularly about corsetry, so I’m going to choose a select view and answer them for you.

The way that I go about doing that on my corsets and it isn’t necessarily the best way, but I cross the ties in the back and bring them around to the front of me. And then tie them off in a little bow. Now, you are supposed to kind of rework them up into the back of the corset because it will hold the corset to last a bit longer. But, hey, when it’s just you getting ready, it’s a lot easier to just bring them to the front, tie them in a bow, and be on your way.

So, if you are interested in giving your wife another wonderful corset, which you are a great guy. You can head over to And if you have particular questions, I would encourage you to email them. They are absolutely wonderful and they will do their best to help you pick out a corset especially if you’re trying to do it on the DL because you want it to be a surprise.

I do almost wear a corset daily. I wear a corset five times a week. The only time that I don’t really like wearing a corset, obviously, is when I’m working out or if I’m just running around and doing errands and I need to be in garments that are going to allow me to bend over freely and make fast movements. When you wear corsetry, you do have to be a little bit more prim and proper. Your motions are going to be a little bit more slowed down because you can’t just jolt yourself around. It doesn’t mean that you are not comfortable. It just means that you have to kind of make up for the fact that this area on your body is more constricted and you don’t’ have the same type of mobility.

I look forward to taking more of your questions soon. I hope that you have a fantastic day and the rest of your week. Bye guys.

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