Bella White Satin Corset Review by Miss Audrey Monroe

Bella White Satin Corset Review by Miss Audrey Monroe

Video Transcription

Hello loves. I’m Miss Audrey Monroe. Welcome to my Vintage Glamour Channel. Today, I’m going to be discussing another corset from Glamorous Corsets. I’m really excited. Because this is one of my favorite corsets to wear under my lighter dresses.

I will be doing this in two parts. One, because I wanted you to see what it looks like under a dress. But two, I also wanted to show you how to stealth-train under pants. So, I’m going to be changing my outfit throughout the video just so that you can see how I can wear it under a light-colored dress such as this. And underneath a pair of pants.

If you are interested in learning more about the Bella Corset, then please come hang out with me.


So, if you are new to my space, this is my Corsetry Series where I’m sharing with you the secret underneath all of my vintage clothing. But corsets aren’t just for vintage wear, they are also for any style, whatever you love to wear every single day. So, if you’d like to see more videos like this, make sure you subscribe and hit the bell notifier. It will always let you know when I post something new.

In today’s Corsetry Series, I just want to share with you a little bit more about the Bella corset and how it can help you, not only waist train but bring the waistline in when you want to have that bombshell underneath your dresses, shorts, pants, or your skirts.

So, Bella Corset is a short torso corset. It doesn’t come down over the hips. Which means it’s going to stop directly at your waistline, really below your belly button. So, it’s really emphasizing bringing in your waist. It’s an under bust corset. So, it is going to lift the bust up slightly, giving you a little bit of a lift.

So, one of the reasons that I love this corset so much is because it’s a bit shorter, it looks fantastic underneath my shortened pants. So, right now, what I’m going to do is show you what this particular corset looks like underneath a pair of pants.


I’m wearing my Bella Corset underneath my faux leather pants. So, I’m going to stand up now so that you guys can see it and show you that there is no line. These pants are prefect to show you that there is no line where the tummy is. In fact, it doesn’t even pooch your tummy out. So, you can feel comfortable wearing it. There is no line in the back.

I absolutely love this corset for when I’m wearing it underneath my fitted pants or my shorts. The Bella Corset can be worn under so many different things. And if you are wanting to stealth train or wear your shorts in the summer, which is right upon us. Or underneath your pants or maybe your fitted skirts or dresses, the Bella Corset can really help you. Not only just waist train but give you that bombshell silhouette.

Now, yes, I do a lot of vintage glamour here on my channel. But this corset can work under any style that you choose to wear underneath. Glamorous Corsets is helping me along my own journey. And I really want to bring that to all of you guys. So, if there is something in particular that you’d like to learn or see, please put it in the comment section. I love corresponding with you guys that way.

Now, every corset that you will receive from Glamorous Corsets comes in a fabulous velour bag with the name on it. It also comes with a book of instructions that will further help you learn how to tight lace yourself, by yourself, and maintain your beautiful corset in the months and years to come.

Now, I have seasoned all the corsets that I share in this series. Seasoning is a very important aspect of wearing corsetry. It will be in another video. But what it simply means is that you broke in your corset.

So, the Bella Corset is completely broke in, which is why I’m so comfortable in it. The differences between this and all the other ones that they have on their website. And I do encourage you to check them out, a link will be in the description box. There is corsetry available for both short torsos and long torsos. The Bella is simply great for those that have shorter torsos just because of where it hits you and how long it is.

Now, if you don’t quite know if you have a long torso or a short torso, you can send your measurements in to Glamorous Corset and they will help you. And give you suggestions on which corsetry they think will be best and most successful for you in the body shape that you want to do.

The Bella Corset does have steel bones which means that it is going to help hold you in and reduce inches off your waist while you are wearing it if you intend to waist train.

So, hopefully you’ve enjoyed this video today on a very short review of the Bella Corset. If you have any questions, please put them down on the comment sections. I absolutely love chatting with you guys that way. I do have a lot of social media. I just started a TicTok. I feel a little bit old for. But if you’d love to join me over there, I’m at MissAudreyMonroe. You can tell me what you think of my videos. All my other handles will be in the description box. Instagram is the one that I’m on the most. And I actually share a whole lot of Glamorous Corsets in my stories. Especially as part of my waist training journey.

If you haven’t subscribed, please subscribe. Hit the bell notifier to always know when I post something new. I do post new videos on Friday at eight p.m.

Next week I’m going to be taking a break from actually sharing the different types of corsets and talking specifically about how to stealth train underneath your clothing. Hopefully, you guys are having a great day. I know we are still coming out of the Coronavirus, and isolation, and the state mandatory regulations and there are so many things that are up in the air.

So, make sure you stay kind and glamorous to everyone you meet. Be extra patient because at this time, we need to be. Hope you guys have a lovely day and I will you in my next video. Bye loves.

[Does that sound bad? Wow, I should not have drank the gin. I had no idea what I was saying. Just perfect.]

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