How To Measure Your Natural Waistline For a Corset

How To Measure Your Natural Waistline For a Corset

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Have you ever ordered clothing online? If you’re living in the 21st century, we trust that you have. It can feel like a rush when you see the package arrive and you instantly want to try it on. One of the worst feelings is when your new article of clothing is too big or too small. 

If you’re about to shell out some cash for a corset, measuring your natural waistline to get the perfect fit is essential. Corsets are supposed to feel snug, like a that’s-too-tight hug from Grandpa Tom. Here’s everything you need to know about how to measure your natural waistline for a corset to help you choose the best size for you! 

Sections of Your Body

We size our corsets based on different areas of your midsection. 

  • A – Underbust 
  • B – Waist
  • C – Hip
  • D – Torso length 

Today, we will be focusing on part B to make this a seamless (pun intended) process for you! Your body type can make a big difference when measuring your waist. 

Measuring yourself can be a lot harder if you’re a full-figured, curvy queen than if you’re a straight-sized person. If you have a trusted friend or partner that can help you measure, the numbers will likely be much more accurate. 

Measuring Your Waist 

Measuring your waist can be difficult for anyone, especially when following an online guide. Some say the measurement should be taken around the smallest region of your torso. 

The thing is, some people have straighter torsos than others. It can feel like a challenge to find the narrowest region of your midsection.

The Universal Bend Test 

Want to know the secret of how to measure your natural waistline for a corset? The universal bend test is the best and most accurate way. 

Start by bending to one side, followed by the other. Find the area of your side that pinches when leaning from side to side. This is where you’ll use a loose vinyl measuring tape when wrapping it around your tummy. 

If you’re asking your friend or partner to help you, they’ll wrap the measuring tape around so that the starting end is on the front of your belly. It will then wrap around the pinched area until the other end meets with the starting point. 

Corsets are sized in measurements according to inches. The number you get from measuring your waist will be the size of the corset when it’s fully closed. You might think it’s in your best interest to get a corset a few inches bigger than your natural waist, but the truth is actually the opposite. 

Finding the Right Size

We suggest picking a corset sized around four inches less than your natural waist measurement. Remember, a corset is designed to have your waist look snatched, just like Rose in Titanic. If it feels snug when you’re wearing it, you found the right size! Wearing a corset can help make a dress fit better and even calm you down during an anxiety attack!

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