Can You Bend In A Corset?

Can You Bend In A Corset?

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If you’re thinking about investing in a corset or already have one, congratulations! A corset can boost your confidence, make outfits look more polished, and even improve your mental state. When wearing one, you may ask, “Can you bend in a corset?” 

How to Keep Your Corset from Folding

There are various things you should practice to maintain the structure and durability of your corset. Here’s what you should know to keep your corset in great shape and have your waist looking more snatched than Ru Paul! 

Don’t Bend Too Much

The answer to “can you bend in a corset?” is complicated. The answer is yes, but you should try to avoid it, similar to those men you see on dating apps. The busk is the main area you want to avoid bending. 

The busk is the clasp that opens at the front of your corset and bends to some extent. While your corset allows you to bend, you should do so as little as possible.

Get Dressed Carefully

One of the most important rules as you start to wear corsets—no matter how often—is to get dressed first. This includes your socks and shoes. In fact, you should always put your shoes on before your corset to keep bending to a minimum.

A corset is designed to keep you in an upright posture, which should be your goal. It’s okay if you drop something while wearing your corset and need to pick it up. The corset will bend with you. Just try to avoid making a habit of bending while wearing it! 

Sit, Don’t Slouch

Another important aspect when wearing a corset is how you sit. It’s incredibly common for people to slouch while sitting thanks to endless hours of scrolling and nights of Netflix and chillin’. 

When you have your corset on, make sure to sit on the front end of the chair and keep your body in an upright position. You’ll want to avoid bulky chairs, such as recliners that invite reclining. 

If you’re sitting in a car, adjust the seat forward slightly to keep your position as straight as possible. Climb in slowly and make sure the seat belt is over your chest and belly as usual. 

Leaning to close the door can bend the corset, as well as strain your back. Have a friend do it if possible. When sitting in the backseat, use a small pillow behind your back to prevent slouching. 

Move Around 

Whether you’re walking around a renaissance convention or you’re just running to the store to get some tasty treats, there are some essential tips when it comes to moving around in a corset. The metal busks and bones can break if you bend the wrong way. 

It’s essential to use your thigh muscles when you bend, reach, and even stand in a corset. As long as you move slowly and avoid bending unless necessary, you should be a-okay when wearing your corset! You’ll also want to be extra careful of leaning forward when you stand, especially if you’re holding any amount of weight in your hands.

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