How to Measure Torso Length For A Corset

How to Measure Torso Length For A Corset

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Modern clothing doesn’t take a lot to find your size. You can probably eyeball a rack of t-shirts or leggings and choose the right size for your frame, especially since most are made with stretch materials. 

Jeans may require a waist measurement, but most pairs come in numeric sizes. Plus, sizes tend to vary from one brand to another (or even among different models from the same brand), and again, plenty of denim is made with some spandex content these days, so they can stretch a bit to fit your personal proportions. 

There are, however, certain close-fitting garments that require you to measure carefully if you want the right fit. 

Corsets fall into this category. Because of the compression and support they provide, it’s essential to take accurate measurements, one of which is torso length. 

So how can you get this crucial measurement and why is it so important? 

Typical Corset Fitting Measurements

Before we dive into measuring your torso length, let’s start with a brief primer on the list of measurements you’ll need before ordering a corset. 

You’ll want to measure the following:

  • Underbust
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Torso length 

If you’re planning to purchase an overbust corset, you’ll also need to measure the bust

These measurements are all important because corsets not only fit snugly on the body, but they’re also made from rigid materials and are meant to be cinched tightly. 

If your measurements are wrong, you could end up with gaps along the top or bottom edges of the garment or certain areas that are uncomfortably tight. 

How to Measure Torso Length for a Corset: Tips & Tricks

Most women have a basic idea of how to measure the bust, waist, and hips, thanks to years of getting fitted for changing bra sizes or bridesmaid dresses. However, you probably haven’t encountered a situation that called for measuring torso length. Never fear — this measurement is easy with a few tips and tricks. 

Torso length is measured from the underbust area (the crease where your breast tissue meets the abdominal wall) to the hip. While this can be difficult to measure standing, it’s much easier to accomplish when seated. 

You’ll want to sit upright with your feet flat on the floor, creating a 90-degree angle from your lap to your torso. Extend the measuring tape from your underbust to the crease where your thigh meets your abdomen. 

Measure on both sides. If one side is slightly shorter, use that measurement when you’re ordering your corset. 

Why Is the Torso Measurement Important?

Now that you know how to measure torso length for a corset, you might wonder why it’s important. There’s one main reason – corsets come in a variety of lengths, from short waspies to torso-spanning longline models. 

If a corset is too long, it could chafe when you walk — especially up the stairs — and it may prevent you from sitting comfortably. 

Alternatively, a too-short corset could lead to an unsightly lower belly pooch that you’d rather camouflage. 

Getting the length right with proper torso measurements will ensure both the coverage and comfort you crave.

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