How Heavy Are Steel Boned Corsets?

How Heavy Are Steel Boned Corsets?

Modern garments are made from all manner of materials.  While textiles are obviously the norm, some garments are also made from leather and even recycled materials like plastics.  What you don’t see very often in the fashion industry is the use of materials like steel that are more commonly found in building construction.

This could be because steel can really weigh down a garment, and most of us don’t necessarily want to carry around extra weight on the daily.  That said, steel boning is an absolute must if you want to waist train.  How heavy are steel corset garments and why is this feature so essential?

The Benefits of Steel Boning

You may or may not know that all corsets are not created equal.  There are waist training corsets, which feature robust textiles and steel boning, and then there’s fashion, or costume, corsetry that has plastic boning.

You might be attracted to the latter because it’s so lightweight, but unfortunately, it simply can’t deliver the same benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose a steel boned corset.  Plastic boning just isn’t as heavy-duty as steel, and this can be a major problem if you’re waist training.

Steel boning is designed to be strong, rigid, and durable, and this is essential during the waist training process.  When you cinch the laces on your corset, you want compression and support that is evenly distributed so that you can shape your body into the hourglass proportions you prefer.

What happens when you cinch a fashion corset tight?  First of all, the plastic boning will likely dig into your torso.  Fashion corsets tend to feature thin, lightweight materials, and these won’t create much of a barrier between your body and the boning.

Next, there’s a good chance the flimsy boning will warp, bend, break, and even stab you.  That is, of course, if the garment doesn’t tear at the seams under the pressure.

Fashion corsets are great for costumes, or simply for show, but they aren’t designed to deliver any kind of compression or support, and they certainly aren’t intended for waist training.  With a steel boned corset, you’ll get the quality construction, robust hardware, and functional design that will help you to minimize your waist and achieve the hourglass figure you crave.

How Much Does Your Steel Boned Corset Weigh?

Okay, let’s get down to the question at hand.  How much does your corset actually weigh with all that steel in it?  It will depend somewhat on the number of boning channels in your particular garment, whether it features double boning, and so on.  Between the steel boning (flat, spiral, or both), steel busks, and likely three layers of thick fabric, you can reasonably expect the average corset to weigh approximately 1.5 to 3 pounds.

While you might not want to wear a corset to your next doctor’s appointment if you anticipate stepping on the scale, you’ll find that you soon get used to the weight of this garment when you wear it daily for waist training.  An authentic corset is heavier than costume corsetry, to be sure, but the proof is in the pudding – it gets the job done.

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