How To: Fastening Your Corset Busk (Without Going Crazy)

How To: Fastening Your Corset Busk (Without Going Crazy)

We all know the horror of trying to fit into jeans that are just a bit too tight, from the panting, grunting, and jumping to pull them on, to the contortions and sucking in of breath needed to close the zipper or buttons.  Why do we torture ourselves this way?  Let’s just say we’re suffering for fashion.  It’s not a good excuse, but it’s pretty much the only one we’ve got.

When you’re first confronted with a corset, you might have flashbacks to the last time to tried to squeeze into your favorite Jordache jeans from high school (oh, the misery).  Even though you know a corset is designed for compression, the thought of huffing and puffing while you strain to fasten the busks might be enough to put you off.

If you’re new to corsetry, let me just assure you that whatever you think is going to happen, it’s really not as bad as what you’re building up in your mind.  As long as you subscribe to a few simple steps, slipping into your corset will be a cinch, both literally and figuratively.  Here’s how it works, with minimal stress and relatively normal breathing.

Practice Makes Perfect

A good place to start is by practicing with the busks before you ever put your corset on.  Remember when you were a kid playing with dolls and you’d put them into all kinds of clothing, training yourself to be a snappy dresser without even realizing it?

Okay, admittedly, most doll clothing is held together with Velcro, but you get the idea here.  By laying your corset out in front of you and fiddling with the loops and studs, you can start to get an idea of the best method of lining them up and getting them closed.

For Goodness Sake, Loosen the Laces

This is essential to fastening your busks with ease.  I know, I know, once you’ve seasoned your corset and gotten the tension of your garment just right for optimally balanced comfort and compression you don’t want to touch them, but removing and donning your garment under full tension is a major no-no.  If you twist it wrong or bend during the operation, you can compromise the integrity of your garment, resulting in wear and possibly tears.

Plus, it’s really freaking hard to put on your corset when it’s tightly laced.  Why make things hard on yourself and your corset?  If you want to fasten busks quickly and properly, loosen the laces so you can easily get studs and loops aligned and locked in place.  Hey, you’re going to have to tighten lacing incrementally throughout your waist training regimen anyway, so why not practice?

Start Somewhere in the Middle

Believe me, I get it.  You want to start at the top or the bottom, just like if you were buttoning a shirt or pants, but this is likely to cause more harm than good when it comes to fastening busks.  When you start in the middle, you have much better control over the stability of the garment, so you can move up or down the line of studs with ease, popping the loops in place without your garment crazily hinging as you try to secure the next loop.

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