Our Favorite Corsets to Wear Under Wedding Dresses

Corsets to Wear Under Wedding Dresses

While all of our corsets are designed for the purpose of waist training (and not just looking good), we know many of our customers are looking for steel boned bridal corsets to wear under their wedding dress. We have a beautiful selection of white & champagne bridal corsets perfect for the occasion – below are some of our favorites!

Elvira White Cotton Bridal Corset

Elvira White Cotton Corset

Our GC-142, Elvira white cotton corset is a stunning long line corset, an excellent choice for someone who is tall, or has a long torso. It will draw in your waist and lift the bust. This beautiful cotton corset will hug your body and give you that hourglass shape that we all love and desire. Also great for back support and improving posture.

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Lara White Cotton Steel Boned Bridal Corset

Lara White Cotton Corset

Our GC-160, Lara is a gorgeous multipurpose white cotton corset. Works for most figures, this stunning cotton corset will focus on slimming the waist while showing off your curves. Can be worn under clothing, wedding gown (bridal corset) or over any top for a night out. Either way, this corset is a head turner.

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Kelly White Satin Corset

GC-129 is Kelly, a stunning long line white satin corset. Ideal for a long torso this daring double boned corset will provide extra durability and support.

Featured 22 Steel Bones (4 Rigid Steel Bones, 18 Spiral Steel Bones).

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Jenna White Satin Plus Size Bridal Corset

Jenna Bridal Satin Corset (Plus Size)

GC-152 Jenna in white satin is a must have plus size corset for any bride to be. Jenna’s classic and elegant look is timeless. With its three layer construction and a combination of 20 flat and spiral bones throughout it has the capability of maximum cinching achieving the desired hourglass look.

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Dita Champagne Satin Corset

Our GC-134, Dita champagne satin corset is must have in everyone’s closet. Its 3 layer construction provides extra durability and support. Match it up with pants or a skirt and train your waist while you’re at all. A great satin corset for everyday wear, it will cinch you in, in all the right places.

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