Lucy’s Corsetry Review: Jolie Mesh Longline Steel Boned Corset

Lucy’s Corsetry Review: Jolie Mesh Longline Steel Boned Corset

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Video Transcription

Hi everybody. Today I’m going to be reviewing the Jolie Mesh Underbust Corset by Glamorous Corsets. So here is the front, the side, the back, and the other side. Today I’m wearing a size 24. The ribcage here is 32 inches, while the lower hip here at the lap level is 36 inches. So this corset has an eight inch rib spring, and a 12 inch low hip spring. After wearing this corset though I noticed that the waist is closer to 25.5 inches.

Generally speaking with these off the rack mesh corsets with this specific style of sort of fishnet type of mesh or netting they do tend to ease quite a bit over time. So if you need to fit into a garment that has a very fixed waistline, something that’s vintage and non-stretch, and you need your external waist measurement to be a specific size then I might recommend sizing down in this corset. Actually I might recommend sizing down in this anyways, and almost anticipate it to stretch just a little bit. For the length, the center front here is 13.75 inches. The princess seam here is ten inches. The side seam here is 12.5 inches. The center back is 14 inches long.

This corset goes over the low tummy, and also a bit over the hips here, so I do consider this a longline corset. I would recommend that you have a torso length of at least 10 inches, probably more comfortably 11 inches from under the breasts to the top of the lap here so that you can sit down in this corset comfortably.

So let’s go to the tabletop portion and I can show you the details of this corset. So here is the Jolie Mesh corset laid flat. For the material you can very plainly see that the panels are made from a single layer of black cotton fishnet style mesh, which is very industry standard for off the rack mesh corsets. The boning channels and binding here are made from a black bull denim, so it’s a black cotton that is a little bit more coarse than twill.

So for the labels in this corset, on each side of the corset, left half and right half, it says size 24, which is good because then the manufacturer is not going to put a size 24 half with a size 22 half or something. Moving on, by the back modesty panel here you can see the Glamorous Corset label. Here is the fabric content, and the cleaning instructions. There is no country of manufacture label in this corset.

This corset has a six panel pattern, so 12 panels total. You can see one, two, three makes the front. Four, five, six makes the back. That fifth panel is a little bit squeezy there, it’s a little bit skinny. In this center front here you can see that the first and second panels taper very slightly towards the front, and the bones there converge to give a little bit more control over the lower tummy here. You can see that there is a lot of ease over the third panel for the hip, and a little bit in the fourth panel as well, so that helps give the ease to curve over the hip like that.

For the construction of this, the mesh panels were assembled together. The bony channels here, you can see that there is a layer on the outside here, and another layer on the inside. So when you sew them together you sandwich these mesh panels in between here. You also sandwich the waist tape in between as well. Speaking of the waist tape, you can very plainly see the waist tape here. It’s a full waist tape from the center front to the center back. It is one inch wide, and you can see that it’s sandwiched in between the bony channels here. It’s made from single faced satin ribbon, and of course, it’s finished in black as well.

Here’s a closeup of the binding. It’s made from matching strips of black cotton bull denim here, and it is neatly machine stitched on the outside, and also on the inside here. You can see on the outside it’s stitched in the ditch right there, it’s quite tidy. On the inside you can see that there’s a little lip there, it needs to be there. Secured in the bottom binding you can see that there are six garter tabs, three on each side.

The modesty panel in this corset is about 5.5 inches wide at the waist here, and it is unstiffened, finished in the same black bull denim here, and it’s attached to one side of the corset. Now if you want to remove the modesty panel, because you can see the modesty panel from the outside because this is a mesh corset, you can just remove this row of stitching and I believe it comes right out. There’s also a little modesty plaque in the front here just extending out from the knob side of the busk, unstiffened, finished in the black cotton bull denim, and it’s about a quarter in wide. The busk in this corset is 11.5 inches long, and it’s a standard flexible busk, so it’s half an inch wide on each side. It has five loops and pins, the last two a little bit closer together for some tummy control. It has a typical amount of stiffness here.

This corset has 26 bones total, not including the busk, so 13 on each side. You can see that it’s double boned on the panels, two, four, six, eight, ten. These are quarter inch wide spiral steel bones. You can see that it does attract the magnet here. There’s also another spiral steel bone by the busk here. I’m not entirely sure why they decided to use a spiral instead of a flat steel bone right there. It does add a little bit of structure, but a flat steel bone would probably have made this a bit more sturdy in the front if you needed it. Then in the back here it’s a little bit more difficult to attract the magnet, but I do feel a pull. So yes, there are flat bones in the back by the grommets here. The boning channels here tend to be quite wide. I want to wear this a little bit longer and see if there’s any twisting happening in the boning channels here, because the boning channels are wider than the bones need to be.

This corset has a total of 28 grommets, 14 on each side, and they’re set at equal distance down the back here. They are finished in silver, and they have a small to medium flange around them. Here is the underside of the grommets here. So you can see nice big washers. The washers are actually bigger than the top part of the grommet. This is good for keeping the grommet in place, because there is a lot of pulling from the outside of the corset when you’re trying to tighten it up. So the bigger the washer, the less likely the grommet is to pull out later on. You can see that there are a lot of splits on the back of these grommets here, several in every single one of them. But because of the choice of the lacing, they actually don’t catch on those splits too badly or anything.

The laces themselves are quite industry standard. Quarter inch wide black flat nylon lacing, shoelace style. They’re very long. They have a bit of spring to them, but they’re very difficult to snap or break, and it’s laced with the chevron style lacing method here.

The Longline Jolie Underbust from Glamorous Corsets is available in closed waist sizes from 18 inches up to 40 inches. It’s available in black cotton, tan cotton, and also this black mesh. From sizes 18 to 30 it costs $79 US, and from sizes 32 up to 40 it costs $84 US.

This concludes my review of the Jolie Underbust by Glamorous Corsets. So I hope you enjoyed it, and you learned something new. If you did, please remember to click that like button down there and help support the channel. If you have any comments or questions about this corset, feel free to leave a comment down below. It you have this corset, let me know how you like it in a comment below as well. I will see you all next week for another video. Bye.