Taking a Look at Corsets and the Fetish World

Corsets and the Fetish World

In the movies and on television, sexual fetishism is too often portrayed as something dark and unhealthy. It’s true that for some people, a fetish can become an unwanted compulsion. But for most participants, sexual fetishism is a type of play that adds a bit of spice to life. And corsets are a very popular item used in fetish play.

First and foremost, corsets are foundation garments that serve a practical function, but there’s no denying they are also sexy. It’s no wonder that many men and women enjoy incorporating corset-wearing into their adult activities.

Fetish, What?

If the sight of your partner wearing an apron, a certain type of shoe, or a corset gets your motor running, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you; it just might mean you have a sexual fetish. Congratulations — you’re just like millions of other people who respond to traditionally nonsexual items with sexual excitement.

Of course, it may not be fair to classify a corset as nonsexual. While they are used for waist training or foundational support, corsets also accentuate the wearer’s figure, making them look and feel extra attractive.

In sexual fetishism, corsets are frequently used to play out bondage fantasies. A tightly laced corset might be worn by the dominant partner. The straight posture and confident look that accompanies corset-wearing add to the fantasy of being powerful and in control.

On the other hand, a person playing a sexually submissive role might also choose to wear a corset. In day-to-day wear, a properly fitted corset does not restrict normal movement. However, if laced tightly, a corset could give the impression of restriction, making a person appear to be more submissive.

Color can play a big part in corset fetish wear as well. A sleek leather or PVC corset lends a look of power to the wearer. Someone who is more interested in appearing submissive might choose a lacy, fragile-looking garment in white, pink, or a floral pattern.

When thinking about fetish wear, remember the fun is in the fantasy. It’s not necessary to be a dominant or submissive person in order to enjoy playing the role once in a while. With a wardrobe of corsets, you’ll be prepared to fulfill his, her, their, or your fetish fantasies whenever you wish.

Feeling Confident = Feeling Sexy

Many people feel less than confident about how they look when the lights go out — or even more so when they stay on. Worrying about your perceived imperfections can kill the mood and prevent you from enjoying your sex life to the fullest.

Anything that improves your confidence and self-esteem will add to your sexual enjoyment. Wearing a corset is a definite confidence booster. 

Corsets automatically improve your posture. Many wearers report how much more powerful they feel when they are standing straight with their shoulders pulled back. Imagine how you’d feel entering the boudoir with all that empowerment on your side.

What? You’re already overflowing with confidence — and you want a corset that shows all your assets? That’s an easy request.

But if you’re concerned about finding a corset that fits your body size and shape, you shouldn’t be. Whether you wear plus-size clothing, have an extra-long torso, or don’t have the stereotypical hourglass so popular in the media, there is a corset to fit your needs. 

Too Skittish to Fetish? Here’s Why You Should Try

Fetish play can add an exciting new element to your love life. Research shows that sharing fantasies and talking about sexual preferences increases satisfaction and deepens the connection between partners.

In the world of sexual fetishes, corset-wearing is considered entry-level play for most couples. It’s not likely your partner will be shocked or uncomfortable if you want to wear a corset or if you want them to wear one.

However, no one should agree to sexual adventures out of pressure. If you’re feeling interested but shy, consider wearing a corset for yourself first. Incorporate a fashion corset belt into your wardrobe, or give waist training a try. 

See how you feel in a corset when you’re wearing one just for yourself. If it makes you feel empowered, confident, and a little extra, the next step might be debuting your favorite new foundation wear in the bedroom.

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