Can You Lose Weight By Wearing a Corset?

Can You Lose Weight By Wearing a Corset?

Weight management is a constant issue for nearly everyone. It’s only human nature to look for easy ways to help achieve your weight goals and improve your health, especially considering how hard it is to eat well every day and get those essential workouts in. 

To make things even more challenging, it seems the information about what’s healthy and what’s not changes every day.

If you’re looking for tools to help you look and feel better, you may have heard about waist training with a corset. Can you lose weight by wearing a corset? That sounds like a fantasy, but it’s actually not.

How Can You Lose Weight by Wearing a Corset?

Wearing a corset is certainly not a replacement for eating a healthy diet and getting the recommended amount of daily activity. If corsets were miracle weight-loss garments, everyone would be wearing one — and your health insurance would cover the cost. Wouldn’t that be nice? 

Even though waist training won’t make you automatically drop that extra ten pounds, it can be beneficial to your overall weight-management goals. 

If you’d like to try waist training as part of your overall plan for slimming down, the right fit is crucial. A trainer that is too large won’t provide enough compression, and one that’s too small won’t be comfortable. 

Waist Training and Appetite Control

No matter whether it’s Paleo, keto, green smoothies, or good old calorie counting, every weight-loss diet requires you to eat a little less and move a little more. In fact, cutting down on portions is often recommended over cutting out entire food groups. Appetite control is where the compression action of a corset comes in.

A corset that fits properly gently compresses all the soft tissues in your abdomen, including your digestive tract. It may not be pleasant to think about, but your torso is filled with about five feet of intestines that contain digesting food, air, fluids, and waste, all winding their way down for elimination.

The compression of a waist-training corset works similarly to gastric band surgery but without the invasive procedure. Wearing a corset when you eat provides extra protection against overeating. 

When your waist is cinched, eating too much food can make you feel uncomfortable. You’ll notice a feeling of fullness sooner, which makes it easier to slowly reduce your portions.

Seeing Is Believing

There is nothing more encouraging to a person who is trying to lose weight than to see their clothes fit better. That small feeling of accomplishment can do so much to keep you enthusiastic about following a healthy lifestyle.

Wearing a corset can give you the same type of psychological boost. Not only will you notice how great you look with a corset — even the first time you try it on — but as you continue with waist training, you’ll see your measurements slowly reduce. 

Seeing those laces come together a little tighter every week or two is more encouragement to stay on track with your weight management plan.

So What’s the Skinny? Can You Lose Weight by Wearing a Corset or Not?

No type of corset is going to make you lose weight by itself. Any significant amount of weight loss requires patience and a determined change in habit. 

Think of it this way: Eating from a smaller plate does not make you lose weight, but it is a frequently recommended habit that can help you manage your diet. Smaller portions look more satisfying when placed on a smaller plate, and that helps to trick your brain into feeling sated with less food.

Donning a gorgeous corset is a tool that can help you stay positive about losing weight. First, it can help reduce your appetite, which may lead to weight loss. Second, looking and feeling better in your clothes may encourage you to stick with your diet on those days you’d really like to binge on a box of doughnuts. 

There are so many great reasons to try corset wearing. Corsets are sexy, stylish, and fun, and we think every woman should have at least one corset in her wardrobe. If waist training helps you achieve or maintain your weight-management goals, that is icing on the cake. Oops! Not cake — celery sticks.

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