What It Looks and Feels Like When You Take a Corset Off

What It Looks and Feels Like When You Take a Corset Off

There’s something almost magical about the way certain items of clothing transform your appearance and boost your confidence.  When you put on your favorite dress, that pair of skinny jeans that hugs you just right, or heels that not only make you appear taller and leaner, but are somehow comfortable for hours, you know it’s going to be a good day.

So, what happens when you take these garments off?  Is it like Cinderella turning back into a beleaguered servant after the ball?  Do you lose all the magic, or are you glad to be rid of the finery, no matter how good it made you feel for a while?  Maybe Cinderella was happy to be out of that restrictive ballgown and back in her comfortable, well-worn, sack dress.

When it comes to waist training, one of the first things many women want to know is what it looks like when you take a corset off.  Will you retain your hourglass shape?  This depends somewhat on your dedication to waist training.  What you should also know is how it feels when you take it off, and you might be surprised to learn that different women can have very different experiences.

Casual Waist Training

People use corsets for a variety of reasons.  Many are interested in nipping in the waist to create an hourglass figure and look fantastic.  Others want to improve their posture.  Some are looking for back or core support.

Not everyone wants a rigorous waist training regimen that requires nearly 24/7 corset wearing.  Some women opt for casual waist training, where they only wear a corset for a few hours a day, say, during work hours.

What happens when these women remove their corset?  Many feel a sense of relief, as when you shed stiff office attire and your underwire bra and switch to a comfy sports bra, leggings, and a hoodie.  It’s a “Calgon, take me away” moment.

Because most casual waist trainers don’t cinch as tightly or wear their corsets around the clock, their waist line won’t change much once the corset is off.  You may notice faint lines on your skin where the boning channels provided compression, but these should fade quickly, leaving your body looking basically the same as prior to waist training.  In other words, taking off your corset is pretty much the same as taking off a bra.

Dedicated Waist Training

The experience of removing a corset when you’re a serious waist trainer can be very different.  For one thing, dedicated waist trainers enjoy semi-permanent results, which means their waist remains smaller even when the corset is off.  This isn’t totally permanent, since it requires extensive wear to maintain.

The other difference is how you’ll feel.  Removing a tightlaced corset after all-day wear could result in feelings of dizziness or lightheadedness.  In addition, women who are compelled to wear their corset around the clock may start to feel, well, naked without it.

Slowly releasing tension and breathing mindfully should help to alleviate dizziness and any feelings of anxiety associated with removing a corset.  Remember, corsets are intended to provide physical support.  If you’re using them as an emotional crutch, it may be time to consider speaking with someone about your anxiety.

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