Waist Training Explained: FAQs, Getting Started, and More!

Waist Training Explained

There’s a lot of misinformation circulating where waist training is concerned (read on to learn about the Kardashian tomfoolery). If you’re interested in the prospect of slimming your figure and looking and feeling fantastic, however, you need to get the 411 on what waist training is really all about.

Here are just a few of the most common questions answered, including how to get started and what to expect.

What’s the Difference between Waist Training and Waist Taming?

Waist training involves the consistent use of rigid, steel boned corsets to actually reduce the size of your waist, like Scarlett O’Hara (just hold onto the bedpost and suck it in, honey!). Waist taming, on the other hand, relies on flexible waist cinchers (essentially shapewear) to camouflage lumps and bumps so clothing fits more attractively.

Then there’s corseting, which is loosely defined as wearing corsets for the purpose of fashion, although cinchers and waist taming sort of fall into this category, as well.

But What About the Kardashians?

I’m still waiting for technology that allows me to audibly groan through computers or mobile devices any time someone mentions the word “Kardashian”. Until then, just imagine me groaning. Uuuggghhh.

Please disregard those pictures of “waist training” posted on social media by the Jenner/Kardashian syndicate and their celebrity brethren. These people wouldn’t know a real waist training corset if it slapped the selfie sticks out of their hands.

They’re wearing waist cinchers to the gym because some marketing genius convinced them that they could lose weight and inches off their waists by working out in shapewear. I repeat, uuuggghhh. I hope that answers the question.

How Do I Get Started?

There are scads of in-depth examinations under the “waist training explained” heading, but I’ll give you the basics. Once you’ve settled on a corset, you’ll start on a schedule, wearing it just a couple of hours a day to begin.

When you feel comfortable with this, say in a couple of weeks, you can start wearing it for longer durations. Within a few months, you should be able to wear your corset throughout the day. From there you can begin cinching it tighter (i.e. tightening the laces) and eventually, you’ll swap for a smaller corset.

How Do I Pick the Right Corset?

There are plenty of details to consider, just like picking a car, a home, or an OKCupid match you’re willing to meet in person. Actually, picking a corset is probably easier than the last one, not to mention more satisfying.

There are entire articles dedicated to just this one step, but basically, you want to choose a product with steel boning and make sure it is sized appropriately (pay attention to size charts and recommendations). From there you can explore underbust versus overbust options, textiles, closures, and more.

When Can I Expect Permanent Results?

Brace yourselves, girls – the answer to this is never. Sorry. The longer you engage in waist training, the smaller you can size your waist (to a degree), and it will remain slim even when you take your corset off. If you stop your waist training regimen, however, your body will eventually revert to form.

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