Can I Waist Train in a Cheap Fashion Corset?

Can I Waist Train in a Cheap Fashion Corset?

In a capitalist society, consumers want choices.  Instead of spending thousands on a Prada purse, you can pay under a hundo for a cheap Prado knockoff on a downtown street corner.  Sure, it will fall apart in six months, but until then you’re going to look like a baller.  Instead of splurging on that four-dollar box of Fruit Loops, you could save a buck and a half buying Far Out Fruities, which are like Fruit Loops that have been left out in the sun a little too long.

The point is, you can always choose a generic option, but you’re going to lose out on more than a brand name when you cheap out.  In some cases, the difference might be so insignificant that you simply don’t care, but there are times when quality counts, and spending a little more will save you a lot in the long run.

This is 100% true when it comes to waist training.  If you’re serious about slimming your waist and seeing semi-permanent results over time, you need the right hardware, so to speak.  Sure, you can find fashion corsets for $50 or less, but you’re losing a lot when you go this cheap.  Why is it wise to splurge on a bonafide waist training corset?

Throwing the Bones

You don’t have to be a fortune teller to see what will happen when you try to use cheap, plastic boning to support your torso and narrow your waist.  Weak boning can’t compete with your own bone and muscle straining against it, and when you start to tighten the lacing, plastic boning will warp and even break.

Fabric will tear, you’ll get poked by plastic, and you’ll start to question all your life choices.  Okay, it might not be that extreme, but you’ll quickly realize why spending more for the real deal is so important to the waist training process.

You need an authentic waist training corset that features tough, rigid steel boning designed to mold your torso into the desired hourglass shape.  Proper steel boning and high-end textiles are meant to hold up under the abuses you heap on them with daily wear and tightlacing, providing the support and compression you need.  Plastic boning can’t compete.

Spend More and Save

This might seem counterintuitive, but when you shell out the dough for a proper corset, you’re going to save money in the long run.  Suppose you purchase that $50 fashion corset from a lingerie store.  Maybe you get a few unsatisfactory days of wear out of it before it goes bust, during which time it’s uncomfortable and doesn’t provide the level of shaping you expect.  So, what’s next?  Buy another?

If you spend twice as much on a steel boned corset, you’ll get months of daily use out of it, with proper care.  When you have several in your wardrobe that you swap out frequently, giving your garments time to rest between wear, you can literally enjoy years of use from your favorite corsets.

It’s an investment, to be sure, but one that pays off in dramatic fashion, thanks to garment longevity and use value.  You might be okay cheaping out on breakfast cereal, but you’ll never regret splurging on a proper waist training corset.

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