Swimming in a Corset: Can You Jump in the Water with Your Steel Boned Corset?

Swimming in a Corset: Can You Jump in the Water with Your Steel Boned Corset?

There are certainly times in life when you’re okay sacking out in your sweats like a heathen, like when the hubby is away on a work trip and you’ve got the house all to yourself.  Most of the time, however, you want to look your best, not only to impress others, but for your own sense of confidence and pride.

When it comes to your waist training corset, you naturally want to wear it throughout the day, no matter what activities you have planned.  While you can definitely wear your corset to the office and evening events like dinner dates or pub crawls, you don’t necessarily want to keep it on for everything, especially intensive activities.

Is swimming in a corset something you can do?  Well, you can jump in a swimming pool fully clothed if you want, but you’re going to weigh yourself down and emerge from the experience a soggy, sodden mess.  It’s likely that you’ll face equally uncomfortable consequences if you submerge in your corset.  Here are a couple of reasons why you should avoid a dunking in your steel boned corset.

Personal Safety

The most important reason to shed your corset when going for a swim is personal safety.  Constrictive garments not only limit your breathing capacity, but also your range of motion, and these issues can land you in deep water, literally and figuratively.

Just because the Kardashians advocate for waist training when working out (P.S. it’s not actually waist training – they’re wearing waist cinchers, not steel boned corsets) doesn’t mean you should leap off the bridge with them.  A big part of the waist training process is behaving in a safe manner so you can continue to work toward your goals in a healthy and productive way.

When it comes to physical exertion, you should always err on the side of caution, especially in situations where you could drown due to restricted breathing or mobility.  If you want to get in the water, you’re just going to have to resign yourself to going sans corset, for safety’s sake.

Protecting Your Garment

When you purchase a steel boned corset, it’s usually with the understanding that you’re shelling out some serious dough for an investment piece.  As such, you want to care for it properly in order to ensure longevity and maximum use value.

Let’s just say that submerging your garment in water while you’re wearing it is not the best way to extend its usable life.  For starters, prolonged exposure to water isn’t great for your corset, which is why experts typically recommend rotating corset wear so you can get several wears in before you must wash your garment.

In addition, you could face corrosion issues, and don’t forget that your garment is under tension when you’re wearing it.  Long soaking under tension could compromise the integrity of the fabric, increasing risks for wearing and tearing.  In other words, you should try to keep your garment away from water as much as possible, outside of needed cleansing.

A Note on Looking Like a Fanatic

Okay, we get it.  You’re locked into a waist training regimen and you don’t want to deviate.  You have goals and that’s commendable.  However, if you leap into a body of water wearing your corset, people might naturally wonder if you’ve been hitting the sauce.

If you can’t manage to remove your corset for even a short while to enjoy water sports, perhaps you should skip the dip altogether.  A more manageable policy, however, might be to approach waist training with a bit of flexibility, understanding that sometimes in life, you should simply throw caution to the wind, take off your corset, and frolic in the surf for an hour or two.

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