Lucy’s Corsetry Review: Bella Black Mesh Waist Cincher

Lucy’s Corsetry Review: Bella Black Mesh Waist Cincher

Featured CorsetBella Black Mesh Corset, Classic short 8” underbust corset in black mesh

Video Transcription

Hi everybody. Today I’m going to be reviewing the Bella Mesh Cincher made by Glamorous Corset. So here is the front, side, the back, and the other side. Today I’m wearing the size 22. You guys know that I always take measurements of the corset right out of the box, especially when it comes to mesh corsets, because they do have a tendency to stretch and expand over time. So when I took this out of the box, this waist measured 23 inches. So do keep in mind that with the mesh corsets, the waist does have a tendency to run large. The ribcage here measures 26 inches, so it has a rib spring of 4 inches. The high hip measures 27 inches, so it has a hip spring of five inches. So that is why I’m not wearing it completely closed in the back despite the fact that the waist is a little big, because my natural ribcage up here is 29 inches, my high hip is about 33 to 34 inches. Now the top and bottom have expanded a little bit as I’ve worn it in these past couple of weeks, but not quite enough to mold to my figure perfectly.

For the length of this corset, the center front here is eight inches. At the side seam, at the shortest part it’s 6.5 inches. In the center back it’s 8.25 inches. You can see that this corset still gives a relatively gentle, or slim silhouette. So here’s the Bella Cincher laid flat. For the materials, as you can see just one layer of this mesh, and the boning channels, and binding, and trim here are all made from black cotton twill. This is what the Glamorous Corset label looks like by the back modesty panel. If you don’t like these labels I believe that you can also take them out with a seam ripper while you’re taking out the back modesty panel. Here is the fabric content, the dry cleaning instructions, and here is the size label. The size label is actually on both sides of the corset.

So opening up this corset, it has a four panel pattern, one, two, three, four. So it’s eight panels total. The way that it was constructed, the mesh is a single layer, and it was assembled together. At the seams here they laid down both external and internal boning channels, see strips of cotton twill. What they do is obviously they have a place to put the bones, but they also straddle the seam to make it stronger and less likely to rip at the seams here. So they did that with every seam, and of course the center front and center back as well. This corset has a full waist tape stretching from the center front to the center back here. It’s one inch wide, and made out of a black single faced satin ribbon here. You can see it’s on the inside of the corset, and I can put my finger between the mesh panels and the waist tape itself.

Here’s a close up of the binding made from [? 03:06] strips of matching black cotton twill. It is machine stitched on the outside and on the inside here. You can see on the inside there is a top stitch, but on the outside they had stitched in the ditch, so that you don’t see the top stitch on the outside. The modesty panel in this corset is about five inches wide, so I would say about three and a half inches of usable space. It is unstiffened, finished in black cotton twill here, and it is attached to one side of the corset using a row of stitching. So if you don’t like the modesty panel, you can easily remove this with a seam ripper.

In the center front here there is a very small unstiffened modesty clacket extending out from the knob side of the busk. It’s about one quarter inch wide, and again, finished in black cotton twill. The busk itself is pretty tiny and cute. It is six and a half inches long, and it has three loops and pins equidistantly spaced. It is a little bit more of a heavy duty busk. It is about one inch wide on each side, and you can tell that it is actually quite stiff. This corset has a total of 18 steel bones, not including the front busk here, so it’s nine on each side. Double boned on the seams here, two, four, six. These are quarter inch wide spirals, and you can see that they very strongly attract the magnet here. There is I believe another spiral here adjacent to the busk. The center back here, they are two quarter inch wide flat steel bones. These ones are, they attract a little bit less, so I’m guessing that they might be made from a sort of stainless steel similar to the busk here. Because they tend to be a little bit less varis, and attract the magnet a little bit less strongly.

There are only 16 grommets in this corset, eight on each side, more or less equidistantly spaced. They are a size double zero with a small flange around them and finished in silver. If you see the underside of the grommets, we can see a washer. Most of them have [? 05:01] really nicely, I don’t see many splits in these. The very occasional split does not catch on the laces here. I don’t put this corset under a very high reduction though. The laces that come with this corset are your typical very standard black nylon flat lacing here. It has a little bit of spring to it, but very difficult to break. It’s long enough, it glides well through the grommets.

The Bella Cincher, it’s available in sizes 18 inches, up to 40 inches closed waist in the black mesh. The Bella is also available in white mesh if you want, and I believe five different colors of satin, and an additional five colors of leather. Waist sizes 18 to 28 inches is $79 US, and waist sizes 30 up to 40 inches is another five dollars, so it’s $84 US. This concludes my review of the Bella Mesh Cincher made by Glamorous Corsets. I hope you enjoyed this, and you learned something new. If you did, please remember to click that like button down there as it helps support this channel. If you have this corset, let us know what you think of it in a comment down below. If you have any comments or questions about this corset, or Glamorous Corsets in general, feel free to leave a comment down below as well, I’d be happy to get back to you. Thank you guys so much for watching, and I’ll see you next week for another video. Bye.