How to Wear a Corset as Outerwear with Miss Audrey Monroe

How to Wear a Corset as Outerwear with Miss Audrey Monroe

Video Transcription

Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. I’m Miss Audrey Monroe. And I’m bringing you another corsetry video. This is part of my corset playlist. So, if there are others that you have missed, you might want to go back and check them out. You will learn more about this corset that I’m wearing. And it’s by Glamorous Corset.

And today’s focus, as you saw in the clip, is all about how to wear corsetry as outerwear. So, if you’d like to learn more about how you can wear a stunning corset as outerwear, than please come hang out with me.

So, how do you wear your corset as outerwear? A lot of you might be thinking, “Audrey, that’s simple. You pick out a corset. You throw it on. And out the door you go.” However, there is a little bit more of a glamorous way to do that no matter what your style is. And I want to share those tips with all of you.

Of course, the first tip is picking out your corset. And there is a lot more to think about than just throwing on a corset and getting out the door. So, today I have chosen and am wearing the Lara Velvet Corset with hip ties. These are beautiful little accents to the gorgeous velvet blue corset that I’m wearing. When you are choosing to wear a corset as outerwear, you do want it to have some pop and some flare. Especially if you want it to be the eye candy to your outfit that day.

And it’s the same thing that I’ve done here today. I choose this corset to be part of my outfit as the first thing that people see either when I walk into an area or I’m leaving an area. There are a couple of tips that I wanted to share with you. When you’re choosing your corsets to wear as outerwear, you want to think about the outfit that you’re going to be assembling around it. Make the corset the focus.

So, for instance, if you have a beautiful black leather corset, you might want to find more muted tones to wear with that black corset. Maybe you want to choose white or gray, or you want to have something sheer underneath of it. Something that is going to pop that corset. So, for instance, I’m a big texture gal. I love having velvet up against something sheer or something like the texture of this shirt, which is more of a cotton. Something that is going to pop and add some depth. We don’t want that corset just to blend into your outfit. I mean, you can. But we are talking about making that corset you’re wearing your showpiece.

I have gone to plenty of run fairs in my time, and I have seen just regular corsets that women are wearing over their dresses. They are not supposed to get noticed. They are just part of the outfit. But this is about noticing that corset.

So, there are a couple of things that you want to take into play when you are putting all of that together. Are you going to be wearing a skirt? Are you going to be wearing pants? Are you going to be wearing a long sleeve blouse? A see through blouse? A tank top? Or maybe you’re just going to be wearing a bra? All of those things need to be taken into consideration so that you can put the outfit together. And maybe you are sitting there thinking, “Well, if I’m going to spend the money on a corset, I want to be able to wear it with several different things.” So, start looking into your wardrobe. Start thinking, “Can this corset go with pants? Can it go with a skirt? Can it go with a dress?” And if the answer is, yes. Then that is that’s the corset that you’re going to want to get.

The other thing is when you are wearing a corset as outerwear, you are definitely going to want to have one that has a back panel. The back privacy panel is something that helps to conceal either your actual skin or the clothing that is wore underneath the corset. It’s something that you are going to find in higher end corsetry because as you are stitching yourself in and you are tightly sitting yourself down, that privacy panel is going to move closer and closer to the other side of the corset. And when you turn around and you are making an exit, you are leaving the club or the restaurant or wherever it is you are at, you want that corset to look as glamorous as it does in the front as it is in the back. So, try to find one that has a privacy panel.

All the Glamorous Corset’s have privacy panels. I find that it is very helpful. Because when I’m stealth training, which is my tutorial from last week. So, if you’re on stealth training and how you would wear a corset without anybody knowing about it, you might want to check out that one. It will be in the description box for you or at the end of this video.

But that privacy panel really helps protect your skin from even pinching itself. I don’t tend to wear a linen or a barrier between my corsets when I’m wearing it close to my skin. So, the privacy panel for me is something that they must have.

The third thing is these strings. So, as you can see, I’m standing here in my corset. You can see the front of it. You can see the little strings that are on the side that look all nice and pretty. They are kind of adding to the embellishments of the corset. When I turn around, you can see the strings and the privacy panel. Now, I have them pushed back up into the lacing and brought back down so that I don’t have anything hanging below. There are so many different ways that you can work in the extra length of the laces back into your corsets. You can actually do something a bit more intricate where you are lacing it in and out of every string. Or you can just tie it in a bow. Honestly, that’s how I wear a lot of my corsets when I go to the Ren Fair. But if you have very long laces to your corset, you definitely are going to want to work that back up into the lacing on the back of your corset to keep things nice and neat and pretty and looking streamline in the back as well as from the front.

The fourth thing, you want to make sure that the layers you are wearing your corset over are thin enough to where your corset can close and mold to your body properly. So, for instance, you are not going to wear a corset over a very heavy, thick knit. One, you are going to get super hot. Two, you are going to get bulgy. And the lines to your body are going to get lost. It might be really large up to top, really small in the middle, and then there might be some weird frumpiness going on in the bottom.

So, I always recommend finding thinner fabrics to wear with your corsets especially as you are doing it as outwear. You just don’t want anything too bulgy if you are wearing a dress. For instance, a lot of the dresses that I do want to wear my corsetry as outerwear are very, very fine knits or they are made of cotton or even silk. I don’t want to wear anything heavy and thick because it’s just not going to flatter the body. And that goes for anybody, any shape or size. So, you want to find fabric that is really kind of just an extension of your own skin so that the corset can lay as smooth as possible. It’s easier to tight lace. It’s easier for the privacy panel to come together. And everything just looks nice and beautiful when you walk out the door.

So, the final tip that I want to share when you are wearing your corsetry as outerwear, is get ready for attention. If you are somebody that really doesn’t like attention, wearing a corset as outerwear might not be your favorite thing. Because corsetry just evokes attention. People are gong to see it. They are going to question it. They are going to want to know, possibly, where you got it. And there might be some haters out there. And if there are haters out there, let their comments roll right off your shoulders. As long as you feel good in your own skin and what you are wearing, it does not matter who likes it or doesn’t like it.

So, for me, I have very intricate corsets that I will wear to a Ren Fair. They are always going to garnering a lot of attention. But, I mean, when you are at a Ren Fair you are usually carrying a sword. And that gets you a lot of attention anyway.

When I’m in my vintage wardrobe and I’m wearing something like you see me in today, if I was to go out, somebody is going to ask me, “Where did you get the corset? It’s beautiful.” And in a response, you just say, “Thank you.” Share a little bit about your corsetry. They might ask you, “How do you like it?” And it just opens up the conversation. So, get ready for people to notice your corset and want to learn a little bit more.

The other thing two is wear corsetry that has steel bones in it. That is like the biggest tip that I can give you. All of Glamorous Corset corsetry is made with steel bones because it’s meant to help you waist train. Nothing they sell has the plastic boning in it. That is really just a decorative corset. Every corset that they have it going to help you streamline your waist and reduce inches. So, altogether this looks very pretty to you. It is actually doing something to my waistline as I’m talking to you right now. It’s helping to correct my posture. It’s helping to support my back. And it’s also bringing in that waist to give me more of an hourglass shape. So, I do stress, find corsetry that has steel boning in it. If you decide that you love what you see here and you want to get a Glamorous Corset, you can use my coupon code which is MissAudrey. It will also be in the description box. And it will save you 15 percent off your entire purchase.

I hope that you guys loved this video as it is part of my corsetry series. If you did, please leave a thumbs up, leave me a comment. I love corresponding with you guys that way. And if you have any questions or tips that you can share with me, I’m still on my waist training journey. I’m actually really dedicated to wearing corsetry starting the end of last year. So, if you have been wearing corsetry for a long time, please share your tips with me. I’d love to hear from you.

If you don’t want to miss another video in this series or any other videos that I put out here on my channel, make sure you subscribe and hit the bell notifier so you always know when I post something new. I post new videos on Friday at 8 o’clock. And I love to see you come back and hang out with me. All my social media handles will be in the description box as well. I do a lot of things on Instagram, particularly also sharing my waist training journey. I have a complete highlight study for that if you’d like to check out if you are interested. And I am now on TikTok.

So, you will find all of those fun handles in the description box. Continue to say kind and glamorous to everyone that you meet because we all need that, especially right now. And I will see you next week my darlings. Bye.

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