How To Style an Underbust Corset

How To Style an Underbust Corset

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Life can be full of embarrassing moments, especially regarding fashion. We all have those pictures we’d like to burn from our experimental teens and twenties. 

Whether yours feature perms and acid-washed jeans, chokers and butterfly clips, or ultra-mini skirts and Ugg boots, there’s no denying that trending fashion can quickly turn faux pas.

The good news is that you can stock your closet with timeless wardrobe staples that will look chic from one decade to the next. I know what you’re thinking – BORING! And while it’s easy to underwhelm with an LBD, a classic suit, or a white tee and jeans, this is where accessories come in.

Believe it or not, one of the best accessories is an underbust corset. It’s not just shapewear anymore – you can pair it with all kinds of outfits for eye-catching results when you know how to style an underbust corset. Here are a few tips and tricks to turn this waist-training wonder into a recurring mainstay of your everyday ensembles.

How to Style an Underbust Corset for Casual Appeal

Underbust corsets can extend from the underbust crease to the hip, or they can be a tiny, 6-eyelet waspie just a few inches tall. In other words, you have some choices for coverage. How can you keep it casual?

Start by choosing understated materials like cotton, denim, or mesh that aren’t going to outshine other elements of your ensemble, and avoid a lot of attention-grabbing embellishments. You don’t necessarily have to shy away from color, especially if your outfit is primarily neutral, but don’t go too flashy. And choose your outfit with care.

Tee and Jeans

It doesn’t get more casual than a simple tee or tank with jeans, and this combo is incredibly easy to upgrade with a corset. If you want to keep it low-key, opt for a neutral hue and a shorter stance. Make sure to choose a tee that falls to the hip, rather than a midriff or tunic length, for the most flattering visual proportions.


Honestly, a corset can elevate nearly any dress, but if you’re going for a casual daytime look, you can’t beat a shirtdress. 

This breezy garment can sometimes look a little slouchy, but when you know how to style an underbust corset with it, you’ll add structure and create an outfit that’s laid back but polished.

Blouse and A-Line Skirt

If you want to step up your casual look, a two-piece ensemble with a blouse or cardi and a knee-length skirt will do the trick. To complete the look, add a waspie as a stand-in for a wide belt to accentuate your natural waist, offset cap sleeves, and a flared A-line skirt.

How to Style an Underbust Corset for Wow Factor

Casual is great for your average daytime look, but if you want to style for evening dates, clubbing, or other events, you’ll need to step up your game. This means opting for a fancier corset.

Fabrics like satin, brocade, velvet, and even leather or slick PVC will immediately pull focus, especially when paired with the right garments. You don’t necessarily have to go formal (unless it’s a formal event), but your average tee and jeans simply won’t do. Want to know how to style an underbust corset for out-of-this-world wow factor?

Flowy Maxi

When it comes to amping up the appeal of maxi dresses, you want to go more minimalist than muumuu. 

A bit of flow is a good thing, and you can’t go wrong with some color, pattern, and shine for visual interest, but don’t go overboard with volume, or it will bunch up quite a bit when you add your underbust corset. Opt for a waspie to maximize the impact of a slim waistline.

Bodycon Sweater Dress

If you’re not timid about flaunting your contours, a bodycon sweater dress is a classy way to do it – providing plenty of coverage so you can leave a little something to the imagination. 

You can really have some fun with a longer underbust model corset, especially if you choose features like contoured cutouts for the hip area or other attractive embellishments.

Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

Whether you like a ‘70s-inspired halter top, Halston design in flashy lamé, or you’re more into a modern interpretation in drapey jersey, a one-piece jumpsuit can easily bridge the gap between hassle-free and haute couture. Add an underbust corset in complementary colors and textiles to give your outfit some extra oomph.

When you pair the right underbust corset with a casual or upscale ensemble, you not only create the hourglass figure you crave, but you add polish to every look.

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