How To Make a Corset Fit Tighter With Gradual Adjustments

How To Make a Corset Fit Tighter With Gradual Adjustments

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If you love the look of an accentuated hourglass figure but weren’t lucky enough to get one naturally, corset waist training can help you achieve the shape you want. 

Waist training is safe and effective, but it’s not as easy as slipping on just any type of corset and waiting for a miracle. For the best results, you need to start with the right type of corset for your body and make sure it fits correctly.

To get that hourglass shape, you also need to slowly tighten the corset through a series of gradual adjustments. Think of it this way — if your corset is getting too loose, that means your waist is getting smaller. Every time you need to adjust your trainer, think of it as a celebration, not a chore.

Getting the Most from Waist Training

Waist training is not an overnight miracle. It takes time and patience to see the changes in your body, especially if you are not also exercising or trying to lose weight. However, if you stick with it and tighten your corset as needed, you can achieve dramatic results. Plan to stick with a waist training routine for at least two months.

As your figure slowly takes on a curvier shape, you can enjoy the other benefits of waist training, like better posture, improved breast support, and a decrease in back pain. Tips for making the most of your waist training routine include:

  • Buy a waist trainer (not just a fashion corset) that fits your body and your needs
  • Take weekly measurements and photos to track your progress
  • Slowly build up to wearing a corset 8 to 12 hours a day
  • Listen to your body — you should be able to breathe and move freely

Starting with the right trainer is crucial to having a positive experience. A corset that’s the wrong size or wrong shape for your body will be uncomfortable and ineffective and will most likely cause you to get frustrated and give up. If you have questions about sizing and shape, check out our sizing guide before buying.

Let’s Tighten the Trainer!

As your corset adjusts to your shape, it softens slightly and becomes more comfortable. This is known as becoming “seasoned.” 

When your seasoned corset gets too loose to provide the support you need (congratulations), it’s time to tighten the laces. Adjusting the garment to a tighter fit will keep your waist cinched properly for training and will change your appearance immediately.

There are two steps to adjusting the fit of your corset, and both require patience. Honestly, we can’t say “gradual” enough times. Don’t rush the process. You could end up spending hours wearing a needlessly uncomfortable garment or damaging your corset beyond repair.

Step One: Tighten the Laces

Gradually pull the corset laces until it begins to feel snug around your body. A corset should not pinch, gouge, restrict your breathing, or hurt in any way. Increasing the pressure won’t give you quicker results, so if your body is complaining, it means you have tightened your corset too much.

Once the laces are tight enough that you feel comfortably snug (think about the feeling of a nice firm hug), stop. You’re done.

Step Two: Let Your Body Adjust

Wear your newly adjusted corset for 15 to 30 minutes to get a feel for it. Can you breathe and bend comfortably? If you feel it jabbing or pinching, after 30 minutes, loosen the laces a bit and try again. 

If, after 30 minutes of wearing the garment, it still feels a little loose, tighten the laces a bit more and give it another 15-30 minutes. Always listen to your body and follow its guidance. 

All Laced Up

Learning how to wear, tighten, and care for a corset may seem a little intimidating at first, but it’s really not that difficult. After tightening yours once or twice, you’ll feel like a waist training professional. As long as you don’t get extreme and remember to pay attention to your body’s signals, your corset will feel comfortable and still do its job.

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