How to Get Rid of Spare Tires & Love Handles with a Corset

How to Get Rid of Spare Tires & Love Handles with a Corset

We all know that pressing down on fat doesn’t get rid of it (we’ve all tried that, right?). But because fat – and much of our body – is made of malleable substances, we can move fat around into more aesthetically-pleasing places. This is where a corset comes in.

Our torsos contain most of our organs and less bone than other places in the body. This is why it is normal for a waist to dip “inward” between the ribs and hips. However, this same quality also makes it the perfect place to accumulate pesky excess fat. (Which is why many of us end up searching the internet for “how to get rid of spare tires and love handles!”)

A corset allows you to make use of this softer part of your body. It acts like a mold. Instead of excess fat creating “rolls,” the fat is pushed up or down, depending on the cut of the corset, so that either your bust or hips are accentuated.

Can a Corset Fight the Fat Permanently?

It’s the million-dollar question:  If you wear a corset regularly, can you expect the results to stick?

To an extent, yes. Waist training is a commitment, but it is possible to “reshape” your body through the use of a corset. As your body redistributes fat to fit the new mold you’ve placed it in, after a while, that will simply be your shape. However, with proper waist training, you’ll be able to enjoy a lovely hourglass figure…whether you have the corset on or not.

This is not to say that a corset gets rid of fat. As mentioned before, pressing down on fat can’t magically make it disappear. The only way to truly rid your body of fat is through diet and exercise (I know…I’m sorry).

It is important to note, however, that some corset-lovers have found that they are better able to manage their food portions with a corset. Just like when you wear a tight pair of high-waisted jeans to a restaurant, feeling your tummy expand with food against the material can create a slightly uncomfortable sensation. This feeling encourages you to savor smaller portions and eat a little less throughout the day. And when it comes to weight loss, better food habits are generally considered even more effective than workouts.

Fun fact:  Seeing yourself without that spare tire or love handles because of a corset can be incredibly motivating for investing in a healthier diet and exercise regime, since you get to see some of the results upfront!

Corset Suggestions for Spare Tires & Love Handles

Most people find that an underbust corset is helpful when they’re trying to hide a “spare tire,” as the excess is pushed upward toward the bust, creating a fuller look while maintaining a smaller waist in comparison to the chest.

However, if you’re not looking to enhance that area of your body, a longline corset (made for flattening the stomach) or a corset with plenty of “spring” is the way to go.

ICYMI:  Spring is essentially the difference in the measurement of the waist versus the underbust and hips. If you have extra “spring,” then you have extra space above and below the waist, so that the compression is focused on accentuating a small waist. This creates a smoothly flowing hourglass figure.

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