How to Choose the Right Corset Style for Your Body Type

How to Choose the Right Corset Style for Your Body Type

Women of the world, I invite you to raise your hands if you’re tired of being referred to as fruit! Anyone who calls me a pear will discover just how sweet my disposition is after such commentary. I don’t know how the comparison of women’s bodies to apples, pears, and bananas began, but I hope the farmer who started it had a comfortable couch, because I’m pretty sure that’s where he was dispatched after calling his wife an apple.

The time has come, my fellow females, to do away with this notion that our bodies are nothing more than a fruit cocktail for public consumption. With a proper corset on your side, you can dispel the fruit labels holding you back and shape your body into the feminine ideal, or better yet, your personal ideal.

In order to complete this transformation, you must first learn how to choose the right corset for your particular body type and personal preferences. This means focusing on specific aspects of your figure you’d like to address, rather than treating it like a fruit to be pared. Here are a few tips to set you on the right path.

Follow Bust Practices

There are three parts to a feminine, hourglass shape – the bust, waist, and hips – and thus, three areas of consideration when choosing the best corset for your body type. Let’s start at the top.

For the bustier lasses, a typical corset can cause the big squeeze and lead to a lot more cleavage exposure than you might be comfortable with. Unless you’re in the market for a shelf on which to place your dinner plate, you need a corset designed for larger bust sizes.

In this case, you should look for gussets in the bust area. These will generally appear as triangles of fabric added to the otherwise straight seams of the garment.

Oh, ye of little bust! Never fear, there is corsetry to suit your particular needs, as well. If what you want is the appearance of added volume, a flat-front corset can do wonders to lift and enhance, transforming what god gave you into a much more prominent feature.

No Time to Waist

Part two of picking the perfect corset centers on the waist, or more specifically, how exaggerated the indentation at the waist appears. Regardless of your body type, you want a corset that nips in at the waist to accentuate curves, but you need to consider the proportions and how they work with your body.

Ladies with straighter body types will probably want a more defined curvature to enhance the hourglass silhouette, while girls who are already curvy might not need as much help. As always, guidance can only get you so far and then you need to try corsets on to make sure they fit and flatter.

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Finally, you need to consider how your corset hugs your hips. Shorter corsets will end above the hips, and this might be most comfortable for women with natural curvature. Long-line corsets that extend down to the hip region are better for women seeking to add curves, especially with the addition of an exaggerated hip spring (hip to waist ratio).

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