Front Lacing Corsets and Waist Training: Yay or Nay?

Front Lacing Corsets and Waist Training: Yay or Nay?

If you’re new to the world of waist training, you may wonder why more people don’t go the easy route and opt for front-lacing corsets.

Why do all the products you find lace up in the back? Why aren’t there more options for front lacing?

You might think this is a serious oversight or an obvious design flaw.

What you’re likely to find, however, is that there is little controversy or discussion on the topic, and this is because front-lacing corsets generally aren’t considered a wise choice where waist training is concerned.

Do they offer easier function and access? Sure, and this is why you’re more likely to find front laces in costume corsetry (ahem).

For the purposes of waist training, however, comfort, stability, and support are paramount concerns, and front-lacing models simply don’t offer the same utility as back-lacing models.

Does it make sense to drive a car from the back seat or place the opening of a pickle jar on the bottom? No, and the same principle applies to front laces on your corset instead of busks.

If you’re still not convinced and you’re keen to give it a go despite common wisdom, here are a few things you should know.

Unsightly Bulges

Chances are you’re wearing a waist training corset for cosmetic purposes, which is to say, you’re trying to create a svelte physique, a tiny waist, and an hourglass figure that exemplifies your feminine attributes.

Will a front-lacing corset help you accomplish these goals?  To an extent, yes, but not as well as a back-lacing model.

One thing you’re sure to contend with if you wear a front-lacing corset is unsightly bulges.

First, you’ll have to figure out what to do with excess laces.

These can be woven through tightened laces or tucked in the top or bottom of your corset, but if you’re wearing a bra and jeans, this could prove somewhat uncomfortable and still create minor bulges under clothing (which would normally be easy to hide with a vest or blazer in the back).

In addition, and there’s no easy way to say this, you’re likely to experience a muffin top right down the middle and along the bottom edge.

Your internal organs are meant to squish and flatten, which is why a having a firm, flat panel reinforced with steel boning in front is preferable.

When you tighten laces in the front, your belly is going to bulge, creating unwanted pooching.

Adding a boned modesty panel can help, but the truth is that a back-lacing or even a fan-lacing corset is going to work better.

Discomfort All Around

Sorry to break it to you, but back-lacing corsets are simply better suited to providing the compression and support you need around your torso.

Whereas a back-lacing corset compresses soft bits in the front and supports your back, a front-lacing model does just the opposite, and this is not a recipe for optimal comfort.

The result is that you simply won’t be able to lace as tightly without the potential for significant discomfort, and this will almost certainly impact your waist training results.

On the Upside…

Okay, if you’ve got your heart set on a front-lacing corset for the convenience of easy lacing without contorting your arms behind you, or quick release in case of emergency, there are a couple of instances in which you might be okay.

If you’re not looking for significant reduction, but rather a waist line just a couple of inches smaller, a front-lacing corset shouldn’t cause undue discomfort or unattractive bulging, especially if you opt for a model with a front modesty panel equipped with boning.

That said, you could essentially gain the same benefits from a fan-lacing corset, and they’re exponentially more attractive and balanced for your waist training needs.

If you’re committed to serious waist training or tightlacing, you really need to go for a back-lacing corset or suffer the discomfort and probably subpar results of forging your own path despite centuries of tradition.

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