Does Waist Training Really Work? Yes… And Here’s How!

Does Waist Training Really Work?

Here’s a question we hear often: “Does waist training really work?” And the answer is “yes”! With proper wear and training, you can achieve amazing results – losing 3-7 inches off your waist. To achieve desired results with a waist training corset, it takes time, consistency, and dedication.

So where do you begin?

By definition waist training is the process of using a steel boned corset to modify your waist into an hourglass shape with semi-permanent results. First and foremost, if you’re using a corset for waist training, the corset you buy must be a fully steel boned corset. Steel boned corsets are designed to reshape your body over time, just like braces for your teeth.

So what do steel boned corsets have that other corsets don’t and why are they the only ones suitable for waist training?

The answer is: steel bones. And what really happens during the waist training process? As you are tightening the laces in the back of your corset the pressure from the steel bones moves our floating ribs thus creating a space reduction in the abdomen which gives you the ability to create that sought after hourglass look.

Don’t confuse a steel boned corset with others out there (for instance, a plastic boned corset which is not suitable for waist training nor can it alter your waist). Plastic boned corsets are only useful for making a fashion statement. Latex cinchers (these are the ones Kim Kardashian wears) also known as fajas or exercise corsets, are also unsuitable for waist training. There is no way to tighten them or really cinch them, Many women purchase latex corsets with the hope of reducing their waist size, and come to realize that they are uncomfortable, don’t let your skin breath, and most importantly don’t give the desired result.

Many of our customers ask, so how much of a waist reduction can I instantly see? It varies, everybody is different. If you have a lot of extra fat (fluff) it can easily be cinched in a corset creating an instant 3-7 inch waist reduction giving you that amazing dramatic hourglass shape. If you are very lean and have no body fat, you might see an instant reduction of 1-2 inches. Wearing your corset regularly, you can achieve amazing permanent results. You do have to eat properly to maintain your results and continue corset training. How often you wear your corset is your decision. Keep in mind everybody is different and some achieve results quicker than others. Waist training should be done in moderation and you should always listen to your body. The formula is quite simply. Consistency + Patience = Results

What kind of results can I expect from waist training?

Your results depend on you and your dedication. Some wear their corset for 2-3 hours a day, lose 3 inches off their waist and are happy with their results. Others prefer to wear it 7 hours a day and have a set goal in mind. You should never force your body instead listen to your body. You are in control and consistence is key!

If you have any questions about waist training, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts are available 24 / 7 to answer all of your waist training questions!