3 Different Ways to Lace a Corset (+Tips for Success!)

Different Ways to Lace a Corset

Our busy lives demand a certain amount of convenience and instant gratification.  This is why we eat microwave meals, date online, and consume our literature in audiobook format during the daily commute.

Corsets offer a great way to slim your waistline and pump up your curves, without the time needed to shed unwanted pounds or the hassles of plastic surgery.  This makes them a great wardrobe addition if you crave immediate results.  That said, there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to proper lacing technique.  Here are a few different ways to lace a corset, and some tips to make it easy as pie.

Integrate Bunny Ears

Can you straight-lace your corset from top to bottom or vice versa like a shoe?  Yes, but it isn’t advised if you want to make daily lacing less of a chore.  When you lace properly from the get-go, leaving bunny ears hanging loose in the center, tightening your garment is easy, the tension will be comfortably uniform, and you’ll put less stress on panels, helping to preserve your garment.  How is it done?

You’ll cross the laces over (outside) and under (inside) the edge of the corset as you go, and the center needs to have laces outside to make your loops, or bunny ears.  So, counting from the center two grommets on each side, which are over, count up in groups of two grommets (starting with over, then under, and repeat the sequence) until you reach the top.  Whether you’re at over or under in the sequence, that’s how you’ll start your laces, ensuring that when you get to the middle, you’ll have laces outside to make your bunny ears.

Once you’ve inserted the lacing through the top grommets, you’ll simply cross them and push them through the next set of grommets.  If lacing through top grommets is under, you’ll first cross laces over and insert them through the next set of grommets.  Then, you’ll cross them under and push them out through the next set of grommets, and so on.

When you get to the center and laces are oriented outside the garment, instead of crossing them, create a large loop on each side before inserting the ends of laces into the next grommet on the same side.  Next, you cross laces under to return to your over/under crossing pattern.

When you reach the bottom two grommets, tie a secure knot in the ends of laces and pull slack through to the bunny ears at the center, leaving all excess length in the loops.  You’ll use these loops to easily tighten your corset.

Pull it Tight Like Your Shoelaces

Okay, your corset is laced and you’ve got it strapped on.  Now what?  There are a couple of tightening options.  If you’re pretty flexible or you have an extra set of hands about the house, you can simply tighten your corset like a shoe, pulling from the outer edges toward the center, one row at a time, creating even tension throughout the garment before you tie your bunny ears in a bow and tuck excess lacing up under the bottom edge of your corset.

Get an Assist from Your Doorknob

Can’t reach the laces behind you and there’s no handy partner to help?  No problem.  Grab your bunny ears and loop them around the nearest available doorknob (one ear per knob on either side of the door).  Pull away from the door slowly, adjusting as you go to uniformly tighten laces up and down the height of the corset.

The Easiest Corsets to Lace

TBH, even flexible ladies are going to have some trouble tightening laces on a tall, overbust corset.  If you want to make daily waist training a cinch, so to speak, opt for a shorter, underbust corset or a waspie that’s easier to lace up and tighten on your own.

Battle of the Busk

I know what you’re thinking.  Why bother with this daily tightening nonsense when I can just pop the busks?  Sorry to say, this isn’t ideal.  Using busks to get out of your corset in a hurry is sometimes necessary, but when you’re getting into your garment, you want the laces loose for two reasons.

First, it’s a lot easier than trying to squeeze into an already tightened garment.  Second, you could damage your corset in the process, as you strain to hook busk loops over pegs.  Loosen the laces if you want to make your life easy and preserve the integrity of your corset.

Lacing Don’ts

When it comes to lacing, there are a couple of mistakes you’ll want to avoid.  First, don’t lace too tightly when you’re starting, unless you enjoy the prospect of bruises and passing out.  Start comfortably snug, try it out for a bit, and go from there. You’ll also want to avoid tying excess laces around your waist, as this could rub and ultimately damage the laces and the corset panels.  Tie your bunny ears in a bow and tuck them under the edge of your corset, or if you’re feeling ambitious, thread them through the crossings of tightened laces for a flatter profile.

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