Corsets for Deep Pressure Therapy

Corsets for Deep Pressure Therapy

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Deep pressure therapy is a treatment that uses firm, gentle pressure to relax a person’s nervous system. You might be familiar with the recent popularity of weighted blankets, which help people reach a happier, calmer state of mind. They use deep pressure therapy to accomplish this. 

This therapeutic technique can be applied with holding, squeezing, hugging, or swaddling. Many people can benefit from deep pressure therapy, including people who experience:

  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Chronic pain
  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Sensory processing disorder
  • Autism
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Panic attacks
  • Depression

It’s natural for people to find comfort in firm touches and be irritated or anxious with light touches. For example, many people enjoy getting a hug but don’t enjoy being tickled. People seek out deep pressure to comfort themselves and give it as a way to care for others. 

It’s why we hug someone who is sad, why we swaddle newborns tightly in blankets, and why we cradle our pets when we sit to relax. It’s also why people make appointments for massages when they are stressed.

This firm touch provides a sense of calmness and protection. The receiver feels safe and protected when deep pressure therapy is in place.

One of the most popular and effective ways that individuals attain deep pressure therapy is with compression clothing. If you’re searching for garments that fill the bill without sacrificing beauty or style, consider corsets for deep pressure therapy.

Corsets for Deep Pressure Therapy

While it’s important to many wearers that corsets provide posture correction and support, what is equally important to some is that they can also provide deep pressure therapy. Many people with autism, anxiety, somatosensory disorders, and any of the other above conditions find relief by wearing a corset.

Although, at first, you might think of corsets only as tight-laced figure-controlling garments, they do not have to be pulled, yanked, and tightly bound in order to provide this therapeutic treatment.

It doesn’t have anything to do with the wearer’s size, shape, or figure and, instead, has everything to do with the level of pressure at which the wearer personally finds relief.

Corsets are not only portable, but they also can be available for the wearer at almost any time. A corset for deep touch therapy that is properly fitted (or even custom-made) can offer safe, firm, uniform pressure from the chest to the hips. 

The wearer is always able to personally control the firm pressure and adjust it accordingly, whether they need the pressure to buffer the light (irritating) brushing of clothes against their skin or they need to calm their nervous system. People find this ability to control the firmness comforting in itself, too.

Some wearers also find that corsets provide a layer of “armor” between them and other people. Have you ever gone to a club and had a stranger put their arm on your waist? Or maybe you went to a high school reunion and had all kinds of people posing for photos with their hands around you. 

Many people feel a sense of protection from their corsets in addition to the consistent pressure that calms their nerves.

Corsets for Deep Pressure Therapy for Anyone

While plenty of people with various conditions find comfort in wearing a corset, there are also many who don’t have any conditions but also enjoy them. The deep pressure therapy that corsets provide does not feel the same for every person, and not every person is going to respond to a corset in the same manner. 

Many people find that corsets relax them, while others find them energizing and stimulating. Some prefer to wear their corsets for 15 minutes, and others wear theirs all day. Furthermore, while some wearers prefer higher amounts of pressure with more drastic waist cinching, others may feel best with only a very slight amount of squeezing. 

A person’s preferences can also change from day to day, too. One day, they might need an especially high amount of lacing for a firmer pressure, and another day, they only need a few minutes of slight soothing pressure.

When it comes to using corsets for deep pressure therapy, there are no “rules” to follow and no guidelines to abide by to achieve the “best results.” A person can try different products and different levels of pressure to find what works best for them. 

As long as the corset is used responsibly and feels right to the wearer, it can provide the desired benefits.

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