What are the Physical Benefits of Wearing a Corset?

What are the Physical Benefits of Wearing a Corset?

The main reason many women initially turn to corsets is cosmetic.  There’s no denying the appeal of a classic hourglass figure, and a steel boned corset can help you to create the narrow waistline you crave immediately.  Many corsets also offer a beautiful addition to your wardrobe and take your style to the next level.

What you might not realize initially is that there are also tons of physical benefits of wearing a corset.  In fact, men and women alike have used corsetry for ages to help with back pain and correct posture.  Corsets are more than just the pretty girl at the party – they’re the pretty girl with a PhD!  If you’re interested in corsets not just for the confidence boost you’ll gain from waist training, you’ll find there are myriad physical benefits to be gained from wearing them, as well.

Breast Support

Corsets provide all kinds of support for the upper body, but women with larger breast will be especially thrilled with the lift provided by overbust models.  A large bosom can be a heavy burden to bear – literally!  Carrying that extra weight can place a strain on your spine and cause back pain, as you’re probably well aware.  With the help of proper corsetry that features steel boning, you can enjoy the structure and support you need to carry the weight, erect your spine, and reduce back and neck pain in the process.

Correct Posture

It’s natural to want to relax the body, but this can lead to a lot of slumping that results in back and neck pain.  The situation isn’t helped by modern occupational hazards like slouching over a keyboard and craning your neck to stare at a monitor all day, or pastimes like bending your head down to look at a smartphone or tablet for hours each day.

While corsets can’t necessarily help you to cut down on screen time and they won’t stop you from craning your neck, they can keep your torso locked in the upright position, so to speak.  When properly fitted and laced, a corset will force you to maintain correct posture, even if you lean forward.

This can result in a slew of benefits, from reducing back pain, to helping your body recover after accidents that affect the spine, to reducing muscle tension associated with spinal curvature.  Incredibly, some patients have even attributed relief from symptoms of disorders like plantar fasciitis to consistently wearing corsets, since they help to encourage body symmetry and even weight distribution on both sides of the body.

Migraine Relief

Migraines can be triggered by any number of factors, from foods and beverages, to lighting conditions, to the day of your menstrual cycle.  Often, headaches and migraines are also caused by tension in the neck, shoulders, and/or back.  This could relate back to posture, especially if you have a desk job that requires you to work with a keyboard and mouse all day.  With the help of a corset to correct posture, you could see reduction in back and neck pain, as well as the migraines that result.

Menstrual Cramps

If you regularly suffer from menstrual cramps, you know they can cramp your style – pun intended.  Even mild cramps can make you grumpy, while severe ones can cause you to break into a sweat and spend your day curled up on the couch with a hot water bottle and all your favorite guilty pleasure chick flicks.  Some women find that the compression of a corset can diminish the effects of uterine contractions and help them get back on their feet.

Corsets are not necessarily intended to be used for medical purposes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t deliver incredible physical benefits.  It’s always best to check with your doctor before using corsets in a medical capacity and keep in mind that they may not provide the exact same benefits to every wearer.

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