Layering Corsets: Can and Should You Do It?

Layering Corsets

I long for the crisp days of fall, when frost dots the lawn, leaves turn molten, and wood smoke rises into the air.

Every year, I look forward to shedding the spaghetti straps of summer in favor of layers upon layers of lush textiles, including a vast array of made-to-be-seen corsets.

If you’re like me, ladies, then you’ve probably wanted to wear more than one at a time, say a badass leather waspie atop your overbust brocade to add some edge to your elegance.

Whether you’re looking for new and interesting ways to use your wardrobe or you’re hoping for extra support, you might have wondered whether you can do this, and if so, whether or not it’s advisable.

Can you layer corsets?  More importantly, should you do it?

Can You Layer Corsets?

You’ll find that layering corsets is possible, just as with any type of garment.

Whether it is comfortable and functional is another matter entirely, and there are a couple of things to consider before you throw on every corset in your closet.

From a purely utilitarian standpoint, there is absolutely no reason to do this, and in fact, you could end up causing more harm than good if you try to tighten one corset over another.

First and foremost, your corsets are designed to provide you with the cinching and support you need when waist training.

If you feel like a corset isn’t providing the rigidity or durability you need, it might be time to consider a model with more boning, a different spring, or stiffer textile.

When you cinch one corset over another, all you’re likely to accomplish is 1) compressing the underlying corset and potentially warping it, and 2) causing yourself discomfort, bruising, or more serious problems if your boning warps and starts to poke you.

Should You Layer Corsets?

If you’re looking for a functional enhancement, I’m sorry to say, adding more corsets won’t do the trick.  You’ll need to find a single corset that delivers the goods.

That said, layering corsets for purely cosmetic purposes is definitely doable if you’re careful.

If you love the look of two corsets together and you want to wear them both for visual effect, you simply have to lace the under corset to your desired tightness for waist training, and then layer the second one loosely over the top.

The rule of thumb here is not to over-tighten, as this could cause you discomfort and damage the first corset.

You should also be aware that adding a second corset will certainly increase bulk in an area you’re likely trying to make smaller – otherwise you wouldn’t be waist training in the first place. The second set of lacing could also add bulk in the back.

If you love the look of layered corsets, you might look for products that have belt-like accents already built in, as these are designed to add some visual flair without added bulk.

However, if you’re going it alone, consider adding costume corsetry as the top layer to prevent damage to your waist training corset.

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