Is Waist Training for Everyone?

Is Waist Training for Everyone?

Is waist training for everyone? The simple answer is yes. Absolutely anyone can take up the practice of waist training, although it’s probably best to wait until you’re over the age of 18.

Since adolescent bodies are still growing and developing, waist training is not recommended.

However, girls under 18 interested in corsets for the purposes of fashion can try costume corsetry until they are ready to safely and effectively undertake a waist training regimen.

Now that that’s settled, let’s talk about which adults can try out waist training.

Literally all of them!  Not everyone is going to be interested in strapping on a steel boned corset and whittling the waist line significantly.

Not everyone wants an hourglass figure.  For those that would like to alter their appearance, creating a svelte physique with the aid of a corset, opportunities abound.

Not Just for Ladies

Corsets have long been the province of the fairer sex, but that doesn’t mean men, transvestites, transgendered persons, and anyone else can’t give them a try.

In fact, the practice of waist training has been gaining traction in a variety of circles. Perhaps it’s the popularity of Ru Paul’s Drag Race or maybe it’s just growing tolerance for different lifestyle choices.

Whatever the case may be, it is now more acceptable than ever to try new fashions with crossover appeal, including corsetry.

Corset makers not only provide tutorials for men interested in wearing women’s corsets, but there are actually companies that make waist training corsets specifically for the male body.

Ladies looking to slim down or add curves will still find plenty of options for longlines and waspies, but now there are more options than ever for different body types, including shapes, sizes, and genders.

In other words, you can definitely find the right corset to pursue your waist training goals, especially if you opt for custom corsetry.

A Quick Caveat

Okay, so now we know pretty much anyone and everyone over the age of 18 can slip into a corset and cinch up the lacing.

However, if you want to practice waist training, you need to do so in a safe and responsible manner.

You wouldn’t just step into a pair of skis and take on a super-G course a la Lindsey Vonn – you’d start on the bunny hill like everyone else.

The same basic principle applies to waist training.  If you’re smart, you won’t squeeze into a waist trainer two sizes too small and tightlace it right out of the gate. This is a recipe for pain and probably passing out.

Waist training is so called because it takes time, like any form of training.

While anyone can do it, you must observe safety precautions such as wearing a corset suitable for your dimensions, seasoning your corset until it conforms to your body, and then tightening incrementally over the course of weeks or months until you achieve your goal to semi-permanently take inches off your waist.

Like exercise and healthy eating, waist training is best accomplished in moderation.

Severe deprivation diets never work in the long run, and neither will jumping the gun on your waist training.

This is one instance where slow and steady definitely wins the race.

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