How to Properly Take Off a Corset (Video)

How to Properly Take Off a Corset (Video)

This video is a tutorial on how to properly take off your corset. Loosening up the laces in the back first and then undoing the busk will ensure you will not damage the corset in turn prolonging the life of your corset.

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Video Transcription

Hello, everyone. And welcome back to our Glamorous Corset YouTube channel.

On today’s episode, we will be talking about how to take off your corset.

Our first instinct when it comes to taking off the corset may very well be to undo the busk first, and then loosen up the laces in the back. That is absolutely not the proper way to remove your corset.

When you’re undoing the busk first, you are put much unnecessary tension on the corset, which in turn, can first cause the busk to be bent from all the force and pressure. And second, it can cause your boning, the bones, the channels in the corset to warp. And of course, you’re also putting unnecessary tension on the fabric.

So, now let’s talk about the correct way to take off your corset.

The proper way to take off your corset is by loosening the laces in the back. First, we want to start out with undoing our bow, if you have a bow in the back, and gradually loosen your corset by pulling out the x’s off the top, at the bottom. I always like to alternate, between the top and the bottom, so we can evenly loosen the laces.

You can clearly see the corset is not as snug anymore. I like to continue loosening so I could make sure I’m not putting any unnecessary force or tension on the corset. I can just wiggle the corset a bit at the top, on the bottom. Here we are. I have a wide gap in the back. My laces are all loose. And if you take a look at the front, the corset it is all loose as well.

I like to unhook from the top, and then on the bottom.

This is exactly how we take off the corset safely.

By taking your corset off correctly, you’re not only taking good care of your corset, but you’re also prolonging the life of your corset, so it lasts too many years to come.

This concludes our video on how to take off a corset. We hope you found that helpful. If you did, please give us a thumbs up, like our video, and of course subscribe to our channel.

We hope to see you next time. Thank you, guys. Bye bye.

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