How To Lace Yourself Into a Corset (Video)

How To Lace Yourself Into a Corset (Video)

Hello everyone and welcome back to our Glamorous Corset YouTube channel. On today’s episode we will be sharing with you a step-by-step guide on how to lace yourself into a corset.

Video Transcription

When you receive your corset from Glamorous Corset you can expect it to look exactly like this, completely laced up in the back with an X pattern finished off with a simple bow. The exact same bow you would make when you are done tying your shoe laces. 

Prior to putting the corset on and lacing yourself into your corset, you must start off with undoing the bow and loosening up your laces in the back by simply pulling out on the X’s on the top and on the bottom. I’ll show you guys a closeup. Until you have a wide enough gap, and the corset is open to the point where you can comfortably wrap the corset around yourself. Without putting any unnecessary tension or force to the corset. If you do not undo your laces prior to putting the corset on, you simply will not be able to even get the corset on. So, this is what my back looks like, I have about I would say a 5-inch gap in the back. This is enough for me to wrap my corset around myself so I can comfortably close the corset. The flap in the back that you are seeing here in case you’re not familiar, this right here is called the modesty panel. This is what the laces rest on, so they are not rubbing against your skin when wearing the corset. 

This is what the inside of the corset looks like. Prior to putting the corset on, please make sure you are wearing it right side up. The size tag which in this case is a 22 inch should always be on the top. If your size tag is on the bottom, that is not the correct way and the corset will not fit right. So, size tag on the top, and for those corsets that have garter loops they should always be on the bottom. 

Now I’m ready to put my corset on. I will start with wrapping the corset around my body and lining up the hooks and the pins. I like to start from the bottom and work my way up. I find that this particular way works for me. Some like to start from the top and that works best for them and that is completely fine. The correct method is the method that works for you and your body. I will adjust the corset so it sits correctly on me, and will begin with the tightening process. 

Whatever I just did on the top which was pull on the X’s, I will do the same on the bottom. Now I have my slack and I will go to the next X and continue this up until I get to the middle where my bunny loops are. Again, using a mirror is super helpful during this process. This way you are able to see exactly what you’re doing in the back. 

This will always be challenging especially if you’re new to corsetry. As you lace up a few times it will become much more easier, just takes some time, and some patience along with some practice. We also want to keep the back always nice and parallel. This will ensure we get the most use of our corset and we do not damage or warp the fabric and the boning. The back is coming along nicely. Maintaining the back nice and parallel as we continue to pull on the X’s. Your modesty panel might not be perfectly straight in the back and that is ok, especially if you’re just starting out with lacing up your corset on your own. 

You should find your comfortability level. I feel like I am almost done. This is my comfortable level. My corset feels snug, comfortable for me, I have evenly tightened the top and the bottom. Now even though I have a small gap in the back, someone else who is starting out with corsetry might have a 3- or 4-inch gap in the back, and that is completely fine as well. As you wear the corset in, the gap will become much smaller. So, now to finish off I will making a simple bow. The exact same type of bow we would make as if we’re tying our sneakers or shoes. And this is what the back will look like. 

Once you’re done lacing yourself into your corset, this is what the front should look like. The corset should hug your body, give great support to your rib cage, hug your hips and create more of an hourglass shape. You should feel the same compression on the top and the bottom as long as it was laced up evenly in the back. This is the final result, your corset should fit your snug, you should still feel very comfortable, it should fit you like a tight hug and should not create any uncomfortable feeling or sensation. If it does, your corset may be laced too tight. So, just loosen up in the back a little, and give your body a chance to adjust to wearing your corset. 

Remember lacing yourself up into a corset can get challenging, especially if you’re new to corsetry.  But I can assure you, with time, a little bit of patience and practice you will master this challenge. It just takes a bit of practice, nothing more than that. And if at any time you guys have any questions or perhaps need some extra tips and tricks, please give us a call or email us we’re always here for you, we’re happy to help answer your questions and concerns. 

This concludes our video on how to lace yourself into a corset. If you guys found this video helpful, please give us a like and a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. We hope to see you guys next time. Thank you. Bye-Bye.

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