Do Waist Trainers/Corsets Help You Lose Belly Fat?

Do Waist Trainers/Corsets Help You Lose Belly Fat?

I’m sure I’m not alone in holding out hope that one day there will arrive some miracle product that instantly gets rid of unwanted belly fat so I never again have to suffer through another set of crunches.  There are certainly plenty of products and services purporting to offer just such weight loss marvels (melt away the pounds!), but we all know the difficult truth – there is no magical cure. Even if some fad diet will help you shed pounds quickly when you eat nothing but cabbage soup for two weeks (um, ew), you’ll probably regain it as soon as you go back to your regular eating habits.  The same goes for weight loss pills.  Liposuction is a speedy solution with lasting results, but if you’re not willing to change the habits that led to belly fat in the first place, you’ll probably start to see fatty deposits rearing their ugly heads somewhere else. Okay, so what’s the solution?  It starts with proper diet and exercise.  I hear you groaning already.  Hey, I am, too.  But there is a silver lining, and it has to do with wearing a waist training corset.  Do waist trainers help you lose belly fat?  Not in and of themselves, but they can assist in a couple of ways when you’re trying to lose weight and trim down.

Fat Reduction Through Dieting

Okay, the corset diet is not actually a thing.  At least, you’re not going to put on a corset and magically shed pounds or stop feeling hungry.  Sorry, ladies, it’s not going to be that easy.  Still, a corset can help you to stick to your diet.  How so? Motivation is a huge factor in weight loss, fat reduction, and actually sticking with a healthy diet.  Suppose you start dieting and doing pretty well with it, but you’re not seeing a ton of movement on the scale, or you don’t notice a real difference where the size of your midsection is concerned.  Week after week, seeing only negligible results, you might feel understandably frustrated and start to backslide. A corset can provide the confidence boost and motivation to stay on track.  This garment offers the slimming and support you need to feel like you’re making progress.  When you see immediate improvements to your physique, thanks to a narrow waist and trim torso, you’ll be well-motivated to continue with your diet and lose unwanted belly fat.

Fat Reduction Through Exercise

You can lose weight with diet alone, but if you want to see more pronounced results when it comes to reducing fat in targeted areas, exercise is a must for burning calories, shrinking fat cells, and toning and tightening muscles.  Again, motivation can be an issue.  How do waist trainers help you lose belly fat in this scenario? You’re probably not going to sweat to the oldies in your pricy, steel boned corset.  This would be uncomfortable and it could compromise your garment.  That said, wearing your waist trainer not only makes you look and feel good while it’s on, but over time, you’ll start to see semi-permanent results, meaning your waist will look smaller when you’re not wearing your corset. This can give you the motivation to continue working out and reducing belly fat, so you’ll enjoy even more significant and noticeable results.  Waist training can give you the boost you need to stay on track with both diet and exercise.

How Do Waist Trainers Help You Lose Belly Fat?

Even though you won’t lose any weight or belly fat by simple virtue of wearing a corset, the act of waist training can help you reach your weight loss or fat trimming goals more quickly.  It does this by boosting your confidence with immediate and ongoing torso smoothing and waist-slimming. When you look good, you’re going to feel good, and feeling good about yourself can create a positive cycle that motivates you to continue with healthy habits, including diet and exercise, that actually help you to lose weight and trim fat.  In other words, corsets can be a supportive measure that elevates your other efforts. A corset will not help you to shed pounds or lose belly fat, but it can definitely act as a motivational tool and help you to look and feel your best every step of the way.

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