16 Sexy & Just Plain Cool Corset Halloween Costumes

Corset Halloween Costumes

We loathe coming up with costume ideas each year, but absolutely love finding new corset Halloween costumes. Here are 16 sexy & just plain cool costume ideas we found on Pinterest that incorporate a corset. Get inspired!


To create this witch costume, @cesiliariver is using our Dita Black Cotton Corset.

@cesiliariver Halloween Witch Costume Corset

Spider Queen

In this spider queen costume by @huntervain, you can see our Jolie Short Black Cotton Corset.

huntervain Jolie Short Black Cotton Corset

Harley Quinn

This Harley Quinn costume by @victoria_avalor utilizes our Jenna Pink Satin Corset.

Harley Quinn costume corset

Black Cat

@ms.sacredkitten uses our Jolie Short Black Mesh Corset to create her black cat costume.

Black Cat Halloween Costume Corset

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

This Sally costume from The Nightmare Before Christmas is by @swampkittenstudios, utilizing our Lara Beige Cotton Corset.

Sally Costume from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter Corset Halloween Costume


Gypsy Corset Halloween Costume

Circus Costume

Circus Costume Halloween Corset

Poision Ivy

Poision Ivy Halloween Costume Corset


Sexy Pirate Costume for Women


Sexy Unicorn Costume for Women


Sexy Starfish Corset Costume for Halloween

Burlesque Mermaid

Sexy Mermaid Corset Costume for Halloween

Little Red Riding Hood (Steampunk)

Sexy Little Red Riding Hood Costume with Corset

Burlesque Peacock

Sexy Peacock Costume Halloween Corset

Wonder Woman

Sexy Wonder Woman Halloween Costume (Corset)