Corset Empowerment: The Power Behind a Waist Training Corset

corset empowerment

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Female empowerment has been a long time coming, and we’re not done yet.  It’s hard to believe that women earned the right to vote in America a century ago, but harder to believe how long we went without a voice in our own representation.  Over the years, we’ve fought hard for agency over our bodies and our lives, and we’ve made incredible strides for the rights of women in our country and across the globe.

Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go, as any woman who still suffers mansplaining, gaslighting, glass ceilings, and subtle (and not so subtle) sexual advances and inuendo in the workplace well knows.  One thing you should never have to suffer is a wardrobe that makes you feel uncomfortable or chips away at your confidence.  You need to clothe yourself in garments that empower you to be your best, by helping you to look and feel your best.

Believe it or not, corsets can be a foundational piece for just such a wardrobe.  Corsetry has long suffered from misrepresentation as a constrictive garment that holds a woman back, but you only have to look at ladies of the Victorian era to understand they lived full, active lives in their corsets, and you can, too.  How can a corset empower you to become the woman you want to be?  Here are a few things you should know about the many benefits corsets can provide.

Oppression or Opportunity?

Under the lens of modern femininity, corsets have come to be seen as a vehicle of male oppression, as if men were forcing women into shapely undergarments for the purposes of – what? – limiting their mobility?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been choosing what to wear since I was about four years old, and if I’m wearing a corset, it’s not because a man, or anyone else, told me I have to.

Successfully navigating social mores has always been a factor for those who wish to move through society, and clothing certainly plays a role.  If you walked into a board room wearing sweatpants and a hoodie, you couldn’t reasonably expect anyone to take you seriously, after all.

How do corsets fit in?  While often unseen, corsetry is just one part of a functional wardrobe.  Whether you wear a steel boned corset for waist training or it’s simply a support garment, it can contribute to a trim figure and provide a sleek foundation for every ensemble, helping you to look your best.

It also encourages good posture, and studies have show that your body posture has an impact on the way you think.  When you sit and stand up straight, it can actually make you feel more confident.  In other words, choosing to wear a corset isn’t a means of oppression these days (if it ever was), and you stand to gain a lot of benefits when you slip into steel boning.

Owning Your Body and Your Image

Body positivity is something plenty of women strive for, and at one time or another, most of us have probably felt like failures.  It’s no wonder, considering we’re incessantly bombarded with images of air-brushed female figures that are literally impossible to mimic.

Corsets empower women to take control over their own form, creating the feminine figure they desire and enhancing their natural curves.  Women’s bodies are distinct from men’s, and while some women flip the script by donning menswear and affecting a more masculine physique, others embrace their natural assets and elevate their form with support garments that nip in at the waist, drawing attention to their curvature.

Empowerment comes from creating the figure that makes you feel most like yourself.  We all want to be comfortable and confident in our own bodies, and if that means wearing a corset that accentuates your waist, enhances your natural form, and smooths the lumps and bumps that cause you to hide in baggy clothing, for goodness sake, go for it!

Giving Yourself a Boost

Looking and feeling great don’t come naturally to very many people.  Most of us have to work at it.  Whether you’ve had children, you’ve suffered illness or injury, or you’re simply getting older, chances are you’ve gained some weight or seen some significant changes in your body over time, and it can definitely get you down.

Finding the motivation to eat right and exercise can be tough when results are slow to materialize, and in the meantime, you may suffer self-esteem issues that impact your confidence, your relationships, and your life.  This, in turn, can rob you of any small motivation you had.

Can corsets help?  Absolutely!  Slipping into a steel boned corset delivers immediate results.  You stand taller, look slimmer, and enjoy a better fit with clothing.  When you’re trying to lose weight, get in shape, or just feel better about being in your body, this instant boost is enough to help you perk up, feel beautiful and confident, and get back on the wagon.

So, the next time someone tries to tell you wearing a corset is bad for you, or that you’re setting back feminism, just think about how empowered you feel when you put one on and kindly suggest they don’t knock it until they’ve tried it.

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